Craftsman Zhang Huan 张欢老师。

Craftsman Zhang Huan, since young, has embarked on his journey of crafting Austere ZiSha works of HIGH QUALITY.  He had been noticed and hand-picked by Senior Cao Lan Fang and Senior Master Lu Xue Feng over observation of the past decade, and they have taken him in as their very hardworking disciple and CORE COLLEAGUE.

After three years of perfecting further his already polished skills, his works have consistently been given more than a nod by our Artists, be it Senior Master Lu Xue Feng, Senior Master Cao Lan Fang, Assoc Master Yang Quan Sheng, Assoc Master Li Yan Ru, Assoc Master Du Cheng Yao.  Craftsman Zhang is NOW proudly one of us and he will be featuring heavily and consistently.  Craftsman Zhang Huan is naturally gifted, and extremely dedicated to perfecting his Art.
  His works have been noticed and appraised highly.  The lines and detailing of his pots are unmatched for their prices.  His lines and detailing speak of his EXTREME CARE AND TIME taken to craft each part, each pot.  The lines and detailing speak of his fighting through his years from very challenging family conditions since young.
Hold one, hold up one, swing his work around.  Carefully examine his Fully-Handmade work.  Look at it from afar, from near, and it will grow on you.  The whole piece grow on you because 1) he takes reference from what the Senior Masters chose for him, 2) and he amazingly crafts them up EXACTLY as to what the Senior Masters want from him: extreme fine detailing with MUCH THOUGHT on each part, with MUCH TIME spent on every part, section.  Because this is what Fully-Handmade ZiSha Art should be, and HOW FULLY-HANDMADE ZISHA ART is so different from and light years ahead of the ubiquitous jigger-machined pots and half-handmade pots masquerading under the sales tagline of "fully-handmade zisha" pots.  These latter JM/HHM pots are made in what we call 流水线 a.k.a. 'Factory-Line operation' whereby the main pot body after being jigger-machined or coming off from the mould, is passed to the next worker who fits on the spout, and subsequently this second worker will pass the pot on to another worker who will in turn fit on the handle.  Continuing so, the pressed lid is likewise passed to another worker who fit on the lid knob.  EACH WORKER has NO IDEA what the other one is doing, and they are always working on fixed time lines stated by the boss.  For example, the worker being "passed the baton" a pot with the spout just fixed onto the body by his colleague, will only focus on fixing on the handle, with nil to little regard to WHETHER THE HANDLE fixed on will be cohesive with the spout.  Each worker has NO idea of HOW THE FINAL POT WILL LOOK LIKE.  Beyond poor craftsmanship and clay, the result of such processes are ugly pots with poor cohesiveness which experienced Artists, Craftsmen and collectors will tell from a metre away.  Experienced people in us, do not need to pick up a pot to check whether it is fully-handmade or made of zisha, we can tell from a metre away just by looking at the pot.

The keywords are: Detailing and Cohesiveness.

A GOOD Fully-Handmade ZiSha Work combines great detailing and cohesiveness.
Our Senior Masters have given Craftsman Zhang Huan the full blessings with all of us.  He is fully-fledged at RealZiSha.  Most important, after all the hard work,
We are very happy that he is now with all of you.

Presenting Zhang Huan and his hard-worked and fine-worked Pieces for you.  One by one.