Superb Assoc Master Shao Bin's Tribute to the Great HUA JING HU 华径壶

Superb L4 Artist Shao Bin's Tribute to the Great: HUA JING HU 华径壶 (created by National Grand Master of The Arts Lü Yao Chen)


The great Hua Jing Hu 华径壶, created by Grand Master of The Arts Lü Yao Chen 吕尧臣, boasts his trademark legendary Jiao Ni 绞泥 "Mixed Layered" Clay technique.

Lü Yao Chen's famous pots ARE: those with the Jiao Ni effect.
Such pots from him are fetching above 500,000rmb per piece in YiXing and in China now.

Here is one actual, real Grand Master Lü Yao Chen's Hua Jing 华径壶 work, belonging to one of our collector at his home, behold:





Here we introduce this significant and important work, accomplished by the renowned L4 Associate Master Artist, Shao Bin.

    Born in 1992, 邵斌 is one of the youngest Artists to ever attain the rank of L4 Associate Master Artist in YiXing, at 25 years of age (2017).  He is renowned in YiXing for the Jiao Ni 绞泥 technique. Very difficult to master, only a few cracked the code:
How to form the extremely fine and detailed wavy lines, and yet subsequently subjecting it to 明针 Ming Zhen [surface smoothening work] without messing up the detailed layering of Jiao Ni.

  Ming Zhen refining work is necessary to make a ZiSha work smooth.  However, if performed on Jiao Ni, the surfaces would be messed up terribly.  Legendary Grand Master of The Arts Lü Yao Chen 吕尧臣 accomplished it, almost everybody had failed.  All except the young rising star of Shao Bin 邵斌, who cracked the code, 

Here with this modern classic: 


Zhuo Zhu 柱础 work, with the Superb, Jiao Ni ~ Layering Clay effect done intricately as PEBBLES, EXACTLY replicating Lü Yao Chen's work.

Here to be launched on the 28th August, at the usual superb pricing we at RealZiSha ALWAYS work hard and deliver to you.

This work is now worth in YiXing, at DOUBLE that of our price.

  Each of the eleven "pebble" 鹅卵石 pieces are made painstakingly from Jiao Ni 绞泥.

Superb acquisition, one will never come across this pot at this same price anymore, i.e. this is the last time one can lay his or her hands on such a technically challenging pot made with such high level Jiao Ni effect, at such a price. Born of Shao Bin's painstaking handwork.

Again, Lü Yao Chen's famous pots are those with Jiao Ni, they fetch above 500,000rmb in China.
Now you can own one superb work replicating Lü Yao Chen's skill, without the high price.  You get to own this special and precious work at only $1221.  A reference piece in your ZiSha collection.

   YiXing ZiSha fraternity's current famous top Jiao Ni specialist, L4 Assoc Master Artist Shao Bin.

Full photos to be released on the 28th August 2022, GMT 8AM with its launch.  Do remember to witness how Assoc Master Shao Bin's pot more than resemble, but replicate Grand Master Lü Yao Chen's craft and technique FAITHFULLY.  Thank you dearest friends.