Monumental & Precious, by Assoc Master Yang: The Ming Yuan Ding Mao 鸣远丁卯

Dearest Friends,
This Sunday , we are launching a very special work amazingly and successfully crafted by our dear Assoc Master Yang Quan Sheng.
~~~ Chen Ming Yuan 陈鸣远  ~~~
Chen Ming Yuan 陈鸣远, is the top renowned ZiSha Artist of all times.  His skills are extreme and mind-boggling.  He could make ALL CLASSES of ZiSha Works: Austere, Polygonal, Ornate, and Segmental-Corollary Pots.  And, he was the most prolific ZiSha Artist of all times, creating MANY original designs that lasted till today, e.g. Ming Yuan Yin Bao 鸣远印包, Ming Yuan Song Duan 鸣远松段Ming Yuan Shan Xing 鸣远扇形, Ming Yuan Shu Yao 鸣远束腰, Ming Yuan Yin Fang 鸣远印方, the list goes on.

Here, we look into the history of Chinese Art Fraternity's extremely Famous, Fabled, and ORIGINAL Ding Mao 丁卯 pot, made by Chen Ming Yuan in his time, in the Qing Dynasty:

In the recent Auction, in 2022, this work was successfully auctioned to the highest bidder at 27.6mil RMB, ( US$ 4,000,000 ), FURTHER cementing its place in the hallowed halls of fame in the ZiSha World.

This work is held in the highest esteem:
In the Spring 2022 Auction Book, wherein every other ZiSha Art on auction enjoyed only one page of explanation and recommendation,
This Chen Ming Yuan's Ding Mao pot SINGULARLY occupied 20 pages.
This Fabled work held in sheer VENERATION,
陈鸣远 丁卯壶
Occupying Centre Stage of the Cover of the Auction Book:

"绝代典藏: 陈鸣远 为 杨中讷 制 丁卯壶
Jue Dai Jing Dian: Chen Ming Yuan  wei  Yang Zhong Ne  zhi  Ding Mao Hu
Peerless of its Time Collectible: Chen Ming Yuan  for  Yang Zhong Ne   made   Ding Mao Pot:

Yang Zhong Ne is a very famous Literati of his time, and he asked his friend, Chen Ming Yuan to design and craft this pot for him.
In ancient China, a person name's consists of two, Ming 名 and Zi 字。
Yang Zhong Ne 杨中讷 is his Ming, Duan Mu 木 is his Zi.

Chen Ming Yuan responded with flair and utmost finesse, creating for his friend Yang Zhong Ne (Duan Mu) what is called the now reverenced Ding Mao work:
The pages detailing how this Exemplary Work is being carefully handled through the ages (Museums, Artists and Patrons):
The careful and crazy, fascinating details:

In later ages, when photography is developed, two of the collectors a century ago:

"名陶论史   必有陈鸣远

提及鸣远   必有丁卯壶":
Any Talk of the History of Famous Ceramic Art, Chen Ming Yuan is Integral.
Any Talk of Ming Yuan, surely the discussion of the Ding Mao Work:
The tracking and further detailing of this Ding Mao pot, through the past decades when technology is advancing:

The base plate engraving recorded and amazingly detailed:

And now, this one and only precious Ding Mao pot being released just ten months ago in the Spring Auction in 2022:

The very national depiction (TV series) of the Famous Literature work: "Hong Lou Meng" 红楼梦, has its video shooting done at the very home of the Yang Zhong Ne the FIRST Owner of this creation by Chen Ming Yuan.   Yang Zhong Ne's famous abode lasting through the decades till now:

Yang Zhong Ne's home:

Photos arranged to be taken of this highly prized Totem,
The most UPDATED and expertly taken photos of this GRAND HISTORIC WORK prior to the Auction:
We feel that we can almost touch it, this monumental work:

The amazing clear calligraphy inscription: 

ALL the various publications on this Famous Work:

Dearest Friends,
And now,
Our dear Assoc Master Yang Quan Sheng, had taken upon himself the challenge and extreme pressure, endured practice, practice and more practice, to prepare to craft this work for us, entailing many trial and errors, more practice, back and forth from the kiln.

And after two months of hard work, presenting very grandly here,
His STELLAR effort and fruit of his labour,
The Ding Mao pot crafted for all of us. 

The intense cohesion:

The incredible TIMELESS lines:

Exceedingly difficult-to-craft spout, done here with perfect finesse:

Hun Fang 混方器 class pot + Qian Gai 嵌盖:
1.  Chen Ming Yuan's creation: this Ding Mao pot, is what we call a Hun Fang potA Hun Fang pot (as contrasted to Fang pot 方器 meaning Polygonal) entails CURVES 弧度 built into a Polygonal pot.  It is very difficult to get right.
2.  Not just that, this Ding Mao pot has the most challenging lid-body interface: the 嵌盖 Qian Gai interface, whereby the lid comes down INSET, sits into, the body.  The Qian Gai interface:


Assoc Master Yang Quan Sheng is VERY PROUD to have accomplished this task!  He is also humbled and honoured to pay homage to the venerable Ding Mao work.
His hard work here is yours for $993.
He welcomes you to collect this for you to use at your home.  256.3ml, made of specially selected at Ore Site: Zhu Sha Zhu Ni 朱砂朱泥。
You can admire and handle this First Class Totem of the ZiSha industry, in your own home.

256.3ml, made of the rare Zhu Sha 朱砂.  Do cherish this ZhuSha used, because it is rarely used.  Zhu Sha is also a natural Yuan Kuang type Ben Shan ZiSha : ZhuNi type.  It is the highest granularity form of BenShan ZhuNi picked at site.  Most Ben Shan Zhu Ni are of the lower granularity type.  The lowest granularity ZhuNi are the XiaoMeiYao ZhuNi and the ZhaoZhuang ZhuNi which are not from HuangLongShan (not BenShan).

Certification for pot personally signed by Assoc Master Yang Quan Sheng, and video live verification for pot via Streamyard call between you the Esteemed Patron, holding your received pot, with Assoc Master Yang, will be done, for your provenance.

Dear Friends, do watch out for its launch on the space below, on the 2nd April at GMT 1600hrs!  Assoc Yang would like to thank you Dearest Friends for your support all these months since joining RealZiSha team to provide determined and single-minded efforts to provide true fully-handmade ZiSha compositions for all of you friends and patrons.  Extreme value is what we always give of every pot we sell here at RealZiSha, this is another of them.  We continue fighting for you friends.  We must save this reverenced Art Form, and this being the critical part of the tea culture: tea + pot.