A delicate *Yi Gong Ling Hua 逸公菱花* by Artisan Wang Shu Yun 王蜀云, and an exquisite *Si Fang Kui Ling 四方葵菱* by L3 Master Artist Di Xin Tao 狄新陶。

Bespoke Launch of TWO Special Works of absolute craftsmanship, by our two Collaborative Artisans.

Dearest Friends, this coming Saturday, you are able to acquire two top works, again boasting absolute top Craftsmanship and Price, outstanding even in our local YiXing community.  Please help yourself in appreciating, carefully, the sculpting reflective of the utter skill and care, preparation AND TIME, taken to craft up these two pieces of works.  We are elated with their success in forming these two special and precious works.  And, despite some failures and days of work at the bench PERFECTING them, we are thrilled that they have decided in our joint cause: they have decided to avail these two hard-worked ART, at eye-popping prices.  

The First work here is by our superb Craftslady Wang Shu Yun 王蜀云 named Yi Gong Ling Hua 逸公菱花, at only $409, a superb Segmental-Corollary Class pot, and made of sumptuous Huang Jin Duan Ni 黄金段泥, it is of 130ml🎋.

The Second one, attractively at only $558, by L3 Master Artist Di Xin Tao 狄新陶 and he uses DiCaoQing ZiNi here in crafting up this Si Fang Kui Ling 四方葵菱 pot🎋, it is of 225ml.

Prized acquisitions, palpable and nurture-able Superb Clay, Exquisite Craftsmanship.  Difficult pots to form.  Beautiful.  Both of them will be launched on 26th Nov 2022 at GMT 0600hrs.

Dearest Friends, do watch out for the space below as they will be launched just here.  Thank you very, very much! 感恩。