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Grand Masters and Masters, their bios are in their dedicated sections as laid out in the main page.  We have Thirteen of them, from National Grand Master of The Arts, Cao Ya Lin, to Senior Consummate Master Artist Yuan Hui, to Associate Master Artist Zhang Xue Lei.

Here, we would like to elucidate our other collaborative Independent, Strong and True Artisans: Top Craftsladies and Craftsmen.

We need to distinguish our collaborative independent Craftladies and Craftsmen.  They are UNLIKE other "artisans" from other platforms who make pots using the use of moulds: pots made from such a process are half-handmade pots.  Such "artisans" are workers under the employment of factory owners.

It takes only 3 to 4 months of training for such "artisans" to become a worker making half-handmade pots under the employment of a factory owner.

However it takes true our many collaborative independent Craftsladies and Craftsmen, at least three years of academics and training under Masters to be proficient to make a Fully-Handmade ZiSha pot, a work of Art.

Our collaborative Craftsladies and Craftsmen: 高静 Gao Jing, 陈法初 Chen Fa Chu, 屠暇英 Tu Xia Ying, 傅贤强 Fu Xian Qiang, 赵丽萍 Zhao Li Ping, etc are not workers who engage in half-handmade pots using moulds.

They are not our employed workers. 

They are INDEPENDENT Artisans, Craftsladies and Craftsmen whom we have established great common understanding on sharing the goodness of REAL ZiSha work and Art with you and all fellow friends in ZiSha throughout the world.

They are independent Artisans, Craftsladies and Craftsmen who ONLY ENGAGE IN MAKING FULLY-HANDMADE ZISHA POTS. Many friends all over the world have been able to procure them through us and own these honest-to-goodness real Fully-Handmade ZiSha pots for the past eight years.

WE TOGETHER IN A BEAUTIFUL ECO-CIRCLE, SUPPORT SUCH INDEPENDENT ARTISANS, CRAFTSLADIES AND CRAFTSMEN WHO ARE RESPONSIBLE, WORK HARD TOGETHER WITH US TO BRING YOU ABSOLUTELY THE BEST VALUE-FOR-MONEY WORKS.  They spare no efforts in making sure each pot is a work of Art.  They give the Best Performance-to-Price ratio of any pots we can find in YiXing.  They do honest-to-goodness work, work with us in our mission to bring Authentic Fully-Handmade ZiSha pots to your home.

These most affordable, top quality FHM real zisha pots, stand up to scrutiny even to the Grand Masters.  Even if a Grand Master visits your home and you use any of these pots to steep and serve tea for her/him, she/he will respect you for your use of these authentic ZiSha FHM pots at home, in business functions, in Art exhibitions.

We welcome you to own them and enjoy the authentic ZiSha teapot steeping experience and tasting at home.  Of course, they beautify your homes too :-D