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Smooth like silk, glitters like gold

This is such a sweet little teapot. As soon as I saw it, I knew it had to be mine. The order was sent to me on July 8th from their office in Singapore and it arrived today, on the 22nd. I have to thank the people at Real Zisha for their amazing service. I was able to track the order at any time I needed, and the teapot came very safely packed. I was really afraid it might break, travelling half the planet, but the guys here really know what they are doing. As for the pot itself, I think my mother said it best when she saw it: "Never in my entire life have I seen something like this." After I unpacked it, we just stayed there in silence, I have no words to describe how beautiful this teapot is, how precious it is to hold. If Craftsmen Zhai Yi Yao and Yi Hu Bi happen to read this review, I want to give them my eternal gratitude. Their work has given my tea journey an entirely new meaning. Thank you! :)

I could not be more happy!

How thrilled I am to received a completely hand-made, large capacity Di Cao Qing Zi Ni to use and to cherish for years to come! Thank you so much for your artistry Craftsman Niu Zhi Jun 钮志君 and for all of your care dear Ian! I am unboundedly pleased.

Absolutely love this teapot. My fist Yixing teapot and I couldn't be happier. It ours perfectly, has an amazing feel to it and delivery was fast, efficient and secure. 5/5.

Real and nice Xi Shi tea pot

High quality hand made and great to use Xi Shi XiaoMeiYao ZhuNi tea pot

rare size for a zhuni

It is a nice thin wall zhuni. Rare to have a zhuni this size. Beautiful teapot.

A dream for peace

I recently brought out this new teapot, and I am thrilled with it. The lotus workmanship and pagoda design are exquisite, and the feel of the pot is amazing. I love how smoothly the water flows. This teapot is truly an outstanding companion for my tea sessions, and I hope to enjoy it for many years to come."

It took just over 2 weeks for the teapot to be delivered. I't was worth the wait for. I plan to use this Qin Quan in Hong Jiang Po Ni to brew aged white tea, which I previously use Gaiwan to brew. After the first attempt, I feel the aged white tea brewed using the Qin Quan teapot tastes sweeter than using the Gaiwan. I'm not sure if that's because I'm biased, or the tea tastes sweeter because it took about 5s longer to pour the tea from the Qin Quan teapot than the Gaiwan, or because the yixing teapot keep the temperature more stable around 80 degree Celsius. Anyway, I guess the teapot will brew better tea overtime, and I'm totally happy with the purchase.

This teapot is amazing. Has great balance and a smooth, silent pour. 10/10 would buy again.

Absolutely Stunning

Amazing! This pot is even more beautiful in person, masterfully made and works amazingly with my heicha. The design and execution are superb. It's also always a pleasure to do business with Ian and the team at Real Zisha. Highly recommend!


How thrilled I am with this sweet shui ping by craftsman Wan Jia Lin after having been fooled by fakes for years!
I am so happy, I’d like to investigate commissioning a larger pot, 300 ml? in xiao ying or fang gu style with matching 100 ml cups in zini if possible, please.

Beautiful Teapot

This teapot is beautiful. When I feel it in my hands, I imagine craftsman Chen Fa Chu molding it mindfully as he taps into the energy of an artist's state of flow. It is important for me to know the origins of this piece; That it was made with care and positive intentions. Thank you Real Zisha for respecting the art at the highest level.

Excellent piece of art

The teapot is beautiful, excellently crafted and the characters carved are crisp and bolt. I use it for sheng puerh, where the clay works great. I love it.

Incredible Craftsmanship!

This is my first zisha teapot, but I've found that you don't need much experience to see the obvious attention to detail and meticulous fine tuning of this teapot. No pictures do it justice, it is so much different actually holding one than it is looking at a picture. It is even better in person, I can feel the cool clay and taste the dark notes it adds to my sheng pu'er tea. It's really hard to explain it, even with pictures attached, but it's just amazing. Even the packaging was perfect and very sturdy. Blown away. I hopefully will buy more teapots in the future from RealZisha. Highly recommend.

My First Jiangponi Teapot and Second Fully Handmade Yixing

This Ming Shi Gong Deng is new to me in both form and substance. It is both tall and wide, lending it to versatility in the style of tea brewed, and has a short, wide spout for quick pouring. I used it to brew Dahongpao Yancha, which the Hongni Jiangponi clay expressed beautifully. In a way more pronounced than Zhuni zisha or Chaozhou zitao, this clay filters out strong roasts and reveals the flavors underneath.


Once again the crew and artists of realzisha delivers excellence on all levels. This teapot is an amazing brewing vessel and beautiful to look at. Thank you once again.

First Handmade Yixing Teapot

This Ming Lu is my first teapot of this style and my first that is fully handmade. The slight texture of the fired clay, lovely color, low profile, wide mouth, and sharp narrow spout are all great features. It brewed red oolong well and has become one of my favorite teapots.

Thanks to the RealZiSha team

I would like to express our family's gratitude to everyone who was involved in creating this teapot. It is beautiful, and there's nothing more to add. You can see for yourself in the photo; we tried our best ;)
Wishing peace and kindness to everyone!

Perfect Pān Hú!

I am very pleased with this teapot. Pulling it out of the box the satisfaction of a well crafted work of art could be felt immediately.
Craftsman Chen Fa Chu 陈法初 did a wonderful job! The symmetry and balance are remarkable and it pours beautifully. I consider myself lucky to have got the last one in this series. So happy to add it to my burgeoning collection! I wish him and everyone at RealZiSha great and continued success.