Grand Master Shao Shun Sheng's Private and Specially Created:《如意》 "Ru Yi" Collection

邵顺生省大师 - 江苏省工艺美术大师, Shao Shun Sheng - JiangSu Provincial Grand Master of The Arts.

Prized, Grand Master Shao's Work at a Special Price.  We do not want to "put a price" on Grand Master Shao's Artworks, we can only say they are extremely high worth and collectible.  Acquiring yours here, you will be provided with the exacting provenance just exactly like we have been constantly providing for Museum Curators from Victoria & Albert Museum, British Museum who privately purchase from us.

Dear Friends, we all know about the colossal news whereby, Provincial Grand Master Shao Shun Sheng won Gold Awards CONSECUTIVELY at the 2020 and 2021 Panama International Exposition. 

His status, and the values of his Works have appreciated (skyrocketed) since December 2020 when news of his win at the 2020 Panama International Exposition broke.  Any new orders for pots to be made by him now, would have a queue time of two to three years.

Just when the ZiSha fraternity was beaming with delight at the first Win at the Panama International Exposition in 105 years by a ZiSha Work since last won by 程寿珍 Cheng Zhou Zhen's 《掇球》 Duo Qiu pot in 1915, Grand Master Shao did a double with his consecutive win at the 2021 Panama International Exposition.  This further confirmed ALL of his Works' status and values, adding "fuel" and momentum, on top of stability and desirability, to his Works.

Any new orders now, for him to make any pots, would have a queue time of between two to three years.

However Grand Master Shao has remained ever as humble, even though he is the direct 6th Generation Descendant of the Legendary Shao Da Heng.

16th September 2022: This He Ping Ru Yi pot, being offered at a price of only $3300, is astronomical news. We are happy to empower more Patrons to start their ownership of honest and proper, superb and famous, Grand Masters' pots, as part of our community work for the fraternity.  Our "profit", as usual, is close to razor as all our customers and patrons can attest to who have gotten their acquisitions from us.  We are proud to be able to help the ZiSha community, empowering the TWO PARTIES: the Artists AND our Customers and Patrons. We love that you will cherish it. And get to own one or more, as we will avail two or three of such Grand Masters' Works, per year.

This comes from his Private, Bespoke and Special 《如意》Collection.

Grand Master Shao's Winning Work at the 2020 Panama International Exposition, the 《Sui Tang Qian Gui》 pot, goes for $250,000 and upwards.  His Winning Work at the 2021 Panama International Exposition, the 《Yi Mai Xiang Tong》 pot, goes for $40,000 and upwards.

Despite the price of this "He Ping Ru Yi" pot here being $3,300, Grand Master Shao, ever humble and rooted, who works with us at Real ZiSha, will exactingly: complete a video verification for you whereby he will hold your pot and announce your name, thank you for collecting his Work, and provide a freshly signed Personal Collection Album Book.  Just as he did for our《Sui Tang Qian Gui》patron, and our two《Yi Mai Xiang Tong》patrons.  We will do all the same steps for this《He Ping Ru Yi》pot's owner who can be you. All the certifications will be mailed to you for precious, detailed provenance for generations to come.


The above "He Ping Ru Yi" pot was launched on 16th September 2022, and it was successfully procured by a very fortunate patron Mr J. from Finland.  Grand Master Shao had also completed a video certification for Mr J. in October 2022:  Here are the excerpts of the video certification:



21st January 2023:

We hereby, proudly launch the last affordable work here by Grand Master Shao he has so gladly empower you with.

Presenting to you, the 称心如意 "Chen Xin Ru Yi",

Grand Master Shao is so generous and this is his gift for all of us! To welcome the Chinese New Year!!!🧧🧧🧧 Here it is, the 称心如意 Chen Xin Ru Yi:

Happy New Year of the Rabbit to all of you dearest Friends!