LAUNCH of the ONE and Only Other Piece from the Shan Xi 山西 Museum Piece! : the Li Hu 梨壶, also a New ZiSha Composition by Zhang Ke 张轲。Launch on 31st March 2024.

Our Family of Four “Generals”:
1…National Grand Master of The Arts 国家工艺美术大师曹亚麟
2…Provincial Grand Master of The Arts 省工艺美术大师曹燕
3…Premier Master of Religious ZiSha Arts 紫砂香炉第一人曹安祥
4…Senior Master Artist 高级工艺美术师曹兰芳
YiXing’s Great Renowned Cao Family of the Four Sibilings ZiSha Masters 曹家四大将, have the MOST numerous celebrated and acclaimed works of all YiXing ZiSha families.  And, the designated spiritual successor of the whole Cao Family, is Zhang Ke.  All our great grandfather’s mined ores from the 1920s are stored in our Cao Family’s twenty-two warehouse vaults, and all will be passed to Zhang Ke.  He will also take over all of the four Cao Masters’ cataloguing, academic certificates, and all of the rooms’ of Artistic Houses, Fraternity’s Associations, Museums, Hundred-plus' Temples and Auction Houses information related Cao Masters works: achieve, won, awarded, sold, collected.  When any of these four Master Artists eventually passed on, Zhang Ke is the designated and only recognised Artist to have all of their works authenticated.  For example, when Wang Yin Xian passed on, her son Yao Zhi Yuan is the authenticator and gatekeeper of Wang Yin Xian’s Art pieces.  When Jiang Rong passed on, her adopted daughter Jiang Yi Hua is the authenticator and gatekeeper.  When any current Museums/Auction Houses/Private Collectors procure any of these late Masters’ works, they need to go to Yao Zhi Yuan/Jiang Yi Hua for the Gold Standard of verification/secret identifiers/authentication.



山西博物馆 Shan Xi Museum's Board had eyed promptly, very recently one and a half years ago: this ZiSha Work, the "Li Hu" 梨壶 crafted by Assoc Master Zhang Ke 张轲。

The board was awestruck by the amazing aesthetic magnificence of this work in late 2022, and immediately arranged with Zhang Ke to bring this to the Shan Xi Museum so that the Museum can OWN this work for permanent display.

Assoc Master Zhang Ke has proudly recreated this prized piece, so as to bring Museum class works to your home.
His handwritten certificate will include the name of the patron,
and depicting your piece as the prized ONE and ONLY other piece to the Museum's display work.

The Launch of this very ravishing work, will be on the 31st March 2024, at GMT:1600hrs.
We are excited and ready to extremely heartily congratulate: the very lucky patron this Sunday, this holiday weekend, who get to own this piece, for this is the ONE and Only other piece to the one that Shan Xi Museum holds.

This prized ZiSha Work is ALSO SPECIALLY crafted from Cao Family's Hong Pi Long 曹家 红皮龙 ZiSha clay, and Zhang Ke has laboriously fired it for four times at the kiln, PLUS, painstakingly monitored the firing at the highest possible firing temperatures, to achieve this desired colour and beauty of texture.  

This is a Museum Class work at only $1,350, and the following photos are here for you to savour and understand, what makes Austere Class works so beguiling.  Every curve, every proportion, is crafted to perfection. 
This is not a stepping stone, this is your LANDMARK PIECE at home.
Please slowly admire, each and every photo: the lines, proportions, the astonishing emotions evoked, the ergonomics, and its utterly timeless design.

There is only this One and Only Prized Unit available.  Please heavily cherish it.
Admire Zhang Ke's exquisite sense of aesthetics at your own home.  You will understand more and more, and appreciate the Art of ZiSha Austere Class. This pot is close to Zhang Ke and he wants to share his hard work for you friends!
It will be launched on this Sunday 31st March at GMT:1600hrs. 

Watch out for the space here below as Assoc Master Zhang Ke launches it precisely on GMT:1600hrs this Sunday!
He thanks all of you for your kindness supporting his work!
For your kindest perusal, adoption and USE at home.