路学峰, 高级振兴技艺师, Senior Consummate Master Lu Xue Feng

Video and Paper Certification with Senior Consummate Master Artist Lu Xue Feng, 高级技艺师 - 路学峰 for every Artwork of his procured.

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路学峰 高级振兴技艺师

Verify his rank here:

Lu Xue Feng, Level2A Senior Consummate Master Artist, attained in Dec 2020 when he won the Grade 1 prize of 乡土杯, the Xiang Tu prestigious competition.

He specialises and is known for:
1) Polygonal Pots under the Direct Tutelage of Provincial Grand Master of the Arts 邵顺生大师 Shao Shun Sheng.
2) Ornate Pots.

Two extremely difficult area, all in the control, flair and execution of Senior Master Lu Xue Feng.  He is extremely humble, friendly and obliging.

There are two types of Accreditation that YiXing ZiSha Arts Association have started for each of Level2 last year:
- Level2A Senior Skilled Master Artist, 高级技艺师
- Level2 Senior Master Artist, 高级工艺美术师

Lu Xue Feng having won the Xiang Tu Cup competition 乡土杯 Grade 1 prize 一等奖 in Dec 2020, has been promoted from Level3 to Level2A directly.  This is a special higher subcategorization of the Level2, and ONLY Level2A Artists hold the power of being on the judging panel for future major ZiSha competitions and Accreditation Exams for lower ranked Artists and Craftsmen.  Level2 Senior Master Artists are not included in such esteemed judging panels.

There is the "normal" Level 2 rank:
B) 高级工艺美术师 Senior Master Artists.

and there is the newly established higher grade of Level 2 rank to distinguish it from the above:

The A) 高级技艺美术师 Senior Consummate Master Artists,
The latter is a special group of esteemed Level2 Artists who can be on the judging panel for future competitions and accreditation exams for junior ranks.

Born 1973.
Won many competitions with his creations.

1973年生于江苏省宜兴市丁蜀镇,1990年开始学习制壶, 师从研究员级高级工艺美术师邵顺生先生。


Master Lu is born in 1973, in Dingshu Town, Yixing.  He started his journey of ZiSha pot making and creation, at 19yrs old, and honourably under the official tutelage of Shao Shun Sheng, currently a Provincial Grand Master of the Arts.

Master Lu’s countless theses have been accepted and showcased by JiangSu Provincial publications.
Master Lu has a great humble attitude towards learning, constantly seeking and advancing his Craft and Skills, and also always innovating and pushing the boundaries.  These can be seen in his many creations.  What follows is an illustrious career lined with many, many awards.  All these a natural result of his rare dedication and commitment.

2008: 《Pine Wind》, won Gold Award at the Hong Kong Tea Exposition.

2009: 《Three Friends》won Gold Award at Eastern Art Capital Exposition.

2009: 《Twin-Coloured Gong Chun Pot》acquired by WuXi Museum for permanent safekeeping and display.

2010: 《Fate with the Purple Peach》won Grade 3 Prize at National Fully-Handmade-Pot Competition.

2010: Pine Wind, acquired by YiXing ZiSha Museum for permanent safekeeping and display.

2011: 《Pine Wind》, won Grade 3 Prize National Fully-Handmade-Pot Competition.

2011: Clear Delight work, acquired by Zi Bo Ceramic Art Museum for permanent safekeeping and display.

2011: Fate with the Purple Peachwork, acquired by Taiwan National Dr Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall for permanent safekeeping and display.

2012: Chang Fang Chou Jiaopot, acquired by Beijing Museum of Contemporary Art for permanent safekeeping and display.

2011: Master Lu with his《Fate with the Purple Peach》pot, together with famous calligrapher Liu Jiang, collaborated in participation of the Xin Hai Revolution Centenary Memorial Ceremony - Mega TV project: “Dan Qing ZiSha Yi Yu Xing” .  Concurrently, the same《Fate with the Purple Peach》pot was published in Hong Kong’s major Ta Kung Pao newspaper feature: “Famous Words, Famous People, Famous Pots”.   After the pot was being exhibited in Hong Kong, the pot was proudly acquired by Hong Kong Ta Kung Pao company for permanent safekeeping and display.

2013: Master Lu participated in the event held by the National Political Consultative Hall: "Building Up for The Future" event.  His works were:Pine WindPine Welcoming The Guests《Whisperings on an Autumn day, and other works.  These pots subsequently garnered the China's National Intellectual Property Rights for Design.

2013: China National Contemporary Literature Museum accepted Master Lu's《Rectangular & Angles》donation, for permanent safekeeping and display.

2014: 《Lu's Three Friends》, won Gold Prize at the 16th China National Master Artists' and Craftsmen' Premium Works Exposition.

2015: 《Sayings of Spring》, won Gold Prize at Sheng Bao Premium Works Cup Competition.

2016年《冷香品韵》荣获“工美新力量”江苏省工艺美术新作大赛金奖2016: 《Savouring the Moment with Cool Scents》, won Gold Award at JiangSu's "Gong Mei Xin Li Liang" Grand Competition.

2016: Aggregating Prosperity from Eight Directionsacquired by ZiBo National Ceramic Art Museum for permanent safekeeping and display.

2017年《春之语》第三届中国(宜兴)紫砂原创专利作品评比活动中荣获金奖2017: 《Sayings of Spring》, won Gold Award at the 3rd National (YiXing) ZiSha Original & Exclusive Creations - Judging and Comparison Event.

2017年《冬之韵》在“方圆.观鼎杯”宜兴紫砂大赛被大赛评审组评为银奖2017: 《Aura of Winter》, won Silver Award at the "Fang Yuan . Guan Ding Cup" YiXing ZiSha Competition.

2018: 《Fragrance Emanates From Calmness》, won Silver Award at the "Tao Hui Wen Xin - Dong Po ZiSha Cultural Works" grand competition".

2019: 《Mesmerized Together in Winter》, won Gold Prize in "Zi Dao.Qian Xing" and "Fang Yuan Cup" ZiSha Competitions.

2019: Aura of Winteracquired by Hainan Research Museum for permanent safekeeping and display.

2020: 《Match-made in Heaven》, won Gold Prize at the 11th Yi Bo Premium Art & Craft Works Grand Competition.

2020: JiangSu Museum accepted Master Lu's 《Cool Winds, Bamboo Sayings》 donation, for permanent safekeeping and display.

2021年《岁寒三友》「艺博杯」工艺美术精品大奖赛,江苏工艺美术精品博览会荣获金奖2021: Three Buddies of Winter, won Gold Prizes at the Yi Bo Cup and JiangSu Art & Craft Premium Works Competitions.