4. Major Joyous NEWS! The Official Ordination Of Senior Master Lu Xue Feng 路学峰 As Disciple Under National Grand Master He Dao Hong 何道洪。4b. Although we can get any Artist's pot for you, why do we purposely avoid certain people?

We are there as Grand Master He Dao Hong's very internal few, closest Friends to witness the momentous occasion: 20th October 2023.

1.  REALZISHA, WE HERE HAVE CONNECTIONS with anybody in YiXing.  WE CAN GET YOU ANY ARTISTS' pots from YiXing (and at the Best Price) as we have mentioned before.  BUT we will advise all our friends and patrons to avoid some Artists if they raise the question and on some names.

At RealZiSha, we CAN provide any pots our patrons want from ANY YiXing Artists. We really can.  As we have mentioned before, name any Artist, we can get them for you.  Yes, at the Best Price in the landscape.

BUT, WE ALWAYS ADVISE OUR PATRONS before they leap if they harped the names of some Artists whom we know are engaged in the Dai Gong dishonest operations.

If you notice, we NEVER mentioned selling pots from some prominent Artists. We purposely avoided even some extremely prominent ones, including some very "famous" L1 Research Level Master Artists and even Grand Masters who have appeared even on national TV and documentaries before.  You may have watched them on YouTube as well.  (Because of their dishonest workings, they stay in "palaces" they built with all that money.  You see them in YiXing.)

However at RealZiSha, we are a group who will always remain committed to the PROPER.

Again, we can acquire ANY pots for our customers if they want, BUT we always advise them the brevity if they happen to ask for the pots from some Artists whom we know, have gone gravely astray.  So far, friends have all heeded our advice.  And our hands have remain clean.

We keep it this way at RealZiSha.

There are many Grand Masters and Master Artists who have succumbed to the Dai Gong industry and dishonest workings.
At RealZiSha, we AVOID them.

Remember that we supply ZiSha works that will stand the test of time.  YiXing is very small, any Artists who are doing dishonest operations, we will ALL KNOW.  YiXing is a very small town.

RealZiSha commit to only the Very Best and Proper for all of you Friends.


Senior Master Lu is here with us, and you can feel safe.
In this major section, we announce the prodigious news:
Grand Master of The Arts He Dao Hong 何道洪, has adopted Senior Master Lu Xue Feng 路学峰 as his Disciple!  We are very happy for Senior Master Lu!  We have many patrons: Friends and even Museum Curators who have acquired his works.  We are very happy for all our patrons!!!  CONGRATULATIONS to all of you Friends!   You know who you are :-D

Before we go on, we touch on the common dishonest meanderings and careless name-dropping of Grand Masters that many retailers/Artists use to dupe and deceive their unsuspecting customers.

Key point: "...our so-and-so Craftsman / Artist hails as a student/disciple/ have direct learning from his/her Teacher, the famous Grand Master......"

Many things said on on the internet space have been misleading, hyping, hiking, duping and deceiving.

Many things said on various platforms can be very vague, can be very iffy and made to infer greater hyped-up things when they are actually ignored/not talked about in the ZiSha fraternity.  Many hyped-up things are not even existent in Ground Zero YiXing ZiSha Fraternity.  Many are 100% total hoaxes made to sound 100% existent when they are totally NON-existent in the ZiSha Fraternity.  Many retailers are hoodwinking customers who have absolutely zero way of verifying what is being said.  And even if you are a local Chinese, you will be siphoned off to chatgroups with fellow "members" who will enhance all the lies told to you from the main retailer, as true.  We know of COUNTLESS local Chinese who think they know better, are duped millions of dollars each in this way, and brought around YiXing to see the things fashioned for them to see.  And if you are non-local and living in the West, your chances are almost zero of getting things correct.

We have elucidated the TWO MAJOR ILLS of the current ZiSha industry:
1.  Jigger-machined Pots
MILLIONS of them a day, sold as "Fully-Handmade ZiSha pots".  Even the retailers themselves who get their stocks from the YiXing addresses/shopfronts, are being duped.  The JMpot suppliers spin stories about their "aged clay used", their (non-existent, or Dai Gong) "Artists".  Customers at the lowest end of the food chain, at the final receiving end, are all naturally being duped.
2.  Dai Gong pots, Replacement Worked Pots.
The dishonest Dai Gong industry affect generally L3 Master Artists and upwards, L2 Senior Master Artists, L1 Senior Master Artists, and even some Provincial Grand Masters and a few National Grand Masters.  It is very disheartening to see >90% of them, all falling into the dark side.  They sold their soul and practice of the Art, to money.  Countless Dai Gong pots line the streets of YiXing.  They are available at WAREHOUSES with rows and thousands of Dai Gong Artists pots.  One can even get a "Senior Master Artist" pot, for $500 and with pretty photos of the Artist holding your pot, photograph insert into your certificate, and with video calls as well.

The state of Jigger Machining pots now?  Getting very close to the real Fully-Handmade ZiSha pots.  Do not worry, we at RealZiSha can easily decipher.

The state of Dai Gong pots?  Not to worry, as we know easily how to decipher them: their aesthetic is off, the clay is depressingly poor quality, and MANY a time, the clay used in such "Artists' pots" are not even ZiSha clay.  The Craftsmanship and skill involved are low level, and not befitting of a Senior Master Artist: yes, these pots are made by JMworkers or Half-handmaking Workers and stamped the stamps of the bought-Senior-Master-Artists under a businessman.

Now we elucidate another ill of the industry:
3.  Made-up/hugely exaggerated "student-to-teacher" "disciple-to-master" relationships between the Artists/Craftsmen and Grand Masters.
Many retailers with their Artist and Craftsmen, will drop names in their page introduction/bio, putting statements, like:
- "Our Artist/Craftsman XYZ is the disciple of the famous Grand Master ABC"
- "Our Artist/Craftsman XYZ has learnt under the famous Grand Master ABC"
- "Our Artist/Craftsman XYZ has received direct tutelage of the famous Grand Master ABC", and etc.

Anybody can say anything.  You know that.

The truth is, these name dropping can be made by you as well, and there is no way for any of your customers to verify what you have said unless they speak to the Grand Masters themselves in YiXing.

Many such Artists/Craftsmen have ACTUALLY: ONLY received CASUAL teachings along the way by some Grand Masters (they probably have been together for a total time of less than a week) but the retailers will hoax you with such a marketing statement "Our Artist XYZ is the student/disciple of / has received direct tutelage from Grand Master ABC".

Also, if the above statements are true, tongue-in-cheek: then ALL the workers who worked in ZiSha Factory 1 in the 1970s who are churning out thousands of slip-casted pots (not ZiSha!) who have been guided by Gu Jing Zhou, who walked around to supervise the operations, can be said "to have learnt under the DIRECT tutelage of Grand Master Gu Jing Zhou".  Therefore do not fall for callous comments stated.

It is funny, but it is true.  Many only just received some pointers! by some Grand Masters in their journey at their workshops/tour/short visit, and after that, they will post some we-fie photos and said they are the disciples of the said Grand Masters, that they are the "disciples of the Grand Masters".

Dearest Friends, be aware and be wiser than them.


We move on now, to this delightful piece of news! :-D
The Ordination of Senior Master Lu Xue Feng as a Disciple under National Grand Master of The Arts,
He Dao Hong 何道洪。

Important background information first:
Dearest Friends,
Senior Consummate Master Lu Xue Feng 路学峰 has always been, for two decades,
the Number 1 Disciple of Provincial Grand Master Shao Shun Sheng 绍顺生。

Grand Master Shao Shun Sheng has only to date, ONLY, allowed himself, to work on only ONE Collaborative Work with a disciple, none other than, his chosen Top Number 1 Disciple, Lu Xue Feng.

Grand Master Shao has been awarded many awards by the government and accorded with Honesty awardsHe will naturally, want his lineage to be SPICK and SPAN, CLEAN and HONEST.  He will not have his Top Disciple tarnish his name.

Grand Master Shao's ONLY Collaborative Work with any of his Disciples, is his TRUSTED and Top Disciple Spiritual Successor: Lu Xue Feng.
Here is the photo of this Famous Work in YiXing:
Tong2 Xin1 Xiang1 Yi2,
Both Hearts' Intertwined, With The Same Mission.

The reason why Grand Masters seldom perform collaborative works with their disciples, is because, many a times, their disciples along the way, may fall out of line, and sell their souls and copyrights to businessmen so as to be engaged in the LUCRATIVE but dishonest Dai Gong industry.  Thus, such misplaced trust in said disciples, will LAND the honorable teacher in disrepute and tarnish his lineage severely.

An honorable Grand Master will always be fearful and wary that:
If they perform any collaborative works with their disciples: these latter disciples in future who might land up in the Dai Gong industry.  This undermines and RUIN the Grand Master's reputation.

Therefore, you can see now,
For honorable Grand Master Shao to perform this collaborative work with Lu Xue Feng: this SPEAKS VOLUMES of Shao's early foresight, absolute trust, stupendous vision and most of all whole-hearted confidence in Lu Xue Feng's integrity and honesty, beyond his natural great aptitude and hard-worked skills.

This is Grand Master Shao's ONLY collaborative work with any of his disciples: the ONE and ONLY "  同心相宜
Tong2 Xin1 Xiang1 Yi2, " ZiSha Work performed with Lu Xue Feng in YEAR 2013:

It is not for sale.
Fei1 Mai4 Pin3 ~ Not for sale

It is safe-kept by Lu Xue Feng in his Studio.:

This was the historic and sentimental photo taken of Senior Master Lu as he worked on it:

This Collaborative work is also found in Grand Master Shao's PUBLISHED Collection Album:

"Tong Xin Xiang Yi ~ Collaborative Work with Lu Xue Feng"

Now we come to the GRAND development and news:
National Grand Master of The Arts, He Dao Hong, has, after YEARS of observing Lu Xue Feng, has also ADOPTED OFFICIALLY Senior Consummate Master Lu Xue Feng as his disciple!!!

This is a colossal development and news.
20th October 2023,
Official Ceremony for the Ordination of Lu Xue Feng as his Disciple.

何道洪 De Dao Hong
大师 Grand Master
收徒 Adopts Disciple
仪式 Ceremony

路学峰 Lu Xue Feng
拜师 Bows Under Teacher
晚宴 Dinner

Bowing and Serving Tea to the Teacher for his life:

Declaring his allegiance, faithfulness, commitment and hard work to The Art and his Teacher Grand Master He Dao Hong:

Grand Master He Dao Hong announcing his strict acceptance of Senior Master Lu as his Disciple and to carry on his Lineage:

A Momentous Occasion.

Thank you dearest Friends for witnessing this event.

We are there as Grand Master He Dao Hong's very internal few closest Friends to be there:

Senior Master Lu is here with us, and you can feel safe at RealZiSha.
We are always working hard on the ground to bring you the very best.
Dear Friends and Patrons, we continue to walk together.

We include here too, the older candid and heartwarming personal photos between Lu Xue Feng and Shao Shun Sheng too from the past two decades: