曹亚麟国大师 - 国家工艺美术大师, Cao Ya Lin - National Grand Master of The Arts. One of the only Twelve belonging to the Zenith Grade of ZiSha Masters: National Grand Masters of The Arts.

Video and Paper Certification with National Grand Master of The Arts Cao Ya Lin, 国家工艺美术大师 - 曹亚麟 for every Artwork of his procured.

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曹亚麟国大师, 国家工艺美术大师

The Zenith Grade of ZiSha Masters, is, the NATIONAL GRAND MASTERS OF THE ARTS.
There are currently only TWELVE of them.

Cao Ya Lin is one of them, and one of us at realzisha.com.

He is our relative, our dear uncle.

How this highest echelon works: should a new National Grand Master is elected, that will only be When one of the 11 passes away.

Jeff is able to connect you with him Grand Master Cao Ya Lin 曹亚麟大师.

Connection is key.  Not money.

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Born 1955 in YiXing.

Research Level Master Artist
Visiting Professor for Harbin ShiFan University, School of The Arts
Director for JiangSu Arts and Crafts Society
Vice President for JiangSu Ceramic Arts Committee
National ZiSha Arts Research Council Member

Master Cao, has blazed a trail of high level achievements, creating many ZiSha Artworks, written many Academic papers, many of which have been published in publications and magazines at home and abroad;

His works have been selected twice, for the Mino International Ceramics Exhibition held in Japan, and he won First Prize at the International Ceramics Exhibition.

   His works have won many awards in the most authoritative evaluative exhibitions  in China: The National Ceramic Art Innovation Competition.  Many of his works have also won Gold and Silver Awards in major national art exhibitions.

National Grand Master Cao has been invited many times to hold and conduct exhibitions abroad.  He also has his own Published Personal Collection available at major bookstores.  Many of his works have been collected by cultural institutions such as the National Art Museum of China, the ZhongNanHai ZiGuang Pavilion of the State Council, and the Hong Kong Tea Ware Museum.


1…Grand Master Cao places great and especial importance on the combination of theory and practice, he conducts extensive and in-depth research, and, exploration and creation of ZiSha Art Form from a high level,
2…Stemming forth from a solid professional knowledge base, while extensively exploring the various art forms of both: Ancient and Modern, China and Foreign countries, he deeply studied the art of ZiSha, constantly exploring, constantly practising.

Through these above methodologies, Grand Master Cao yields his unique artistic concept:
Masterful internalisation of Tradition,
Innovating new grounds,
Amalgamating cultures,
Pursuing Originality.

His works are rich in artistic language, novel in artistic creativity, beautiful in art form, profound in cultural connotation and elegant in artistic style: the combination of all which are unique in the field of ZiSha Art and have a positive impact on the creation of contemporary ZiSha Art.


1970 进江苏省宜兴紫砂工艺厂学习紫砂陶艺术
1970: enrolled in JiangSu YiXing ZiSha Craft Factory to learn ZiSha Ceramic Craft.

1980 毕业于景德镇陶瓷学院美术系设计专业
1980: graduated with Design Major from the JingDeZhen Ceramic Institute, Department of Fine Arts.

1981 进宜兴紫砂工艺厂从事紫砂陶艺的研究和创作;
1981: enrolled in JiangSu YiXing ZiSha Factory and engaged in the research and creation of ZiSha Art.

1985 《紫玉艺术集锦小壶系列》获全国优秀新产品一等奖
1985: won Grade1 Award at the National Zi Yu Yi Shu Ji Jin (ZiSha & Jade) Small Pot Collection series competition

1987 《瓦当艺术·壶》获江苏省优秀新产品一等奖
1987:  Wa Dang Yi Shu won Grade1 Award for JiangSu Competition for Excellence in Novelty Work

1994: 《Air of a Gentleman》won Grade2 Award at the 5th National Ceramic Design Competition,《Clarity》set of 5 tea ware won Grade2 Award at the 6th National Ceramic Arts Design Competition

1994 《君风·壶》获第五届全国陶瓷美术设计评比二等奖
1994: 《Air of a Gentleman》 won Grade2 Award at the 5th National Ceramic Arts Design Competition

1994 《玉韵·五件茶具》被香港茶具文物馆收藏。并被香港特区政府出版的《紫砂新品——当代宜兴茶具精选》选作封面
1994:《Charm of Jade》set of 5 tea ware, acquired by the Hong Kong Tea Ware Cultural Museum for permanent safekeeping and display

1994 经江苏省人民政府批准晋升为高级工艺美术师
1994: Awarded title of Senior Master Artist by JiangSu Provincial Government.

1995 《溪趣·七件茶具》、《月亮的传说·五件茶具》入选日本美浓国际陶艺展
1995: 《Intrigue of the Stream》,《Legend of the Moonvoted in to the Japanese Mino International Ceramic Exhibition

1996 《斑竹·五件茶具》入选中日陶艺展
1996:《Spotted Bamboo》selected for the China-Japan Ceramics Exhibition

1998 《明·五件茶具》获第六届全国陶瓷艺术设计创新评比二等奖
1998: 《Clarity》set of 5 tea ware , won Grade2 Award at the 6th National Ceramic Design Innovation Competition

2000 被江苏省人民政府授予江苏省工艺美术名人称号
2000: awarded the title of “JiangSu’s Distinguished Practitioner of The Art and Crafts” by JiangSu Provincial Government.

2000 《爱·壶》五件茶具获首届中国工艺美术大师作品展优秀创作奖
2000:《Love》set of 5 tea ware won Outstanding Innovation Award at the Inaugural National Masters’ Works of Excellence Exhibition

2000 《日月·壶》获第二届中国工艺美术大师精品展铜奖
2000:《Sun Moon》won Bronze Award at the 2nd National Premium Masters’ Art & Craft Work Exposition

2001 《明·五件茶具》获国际陶瓷展一等奖
2001: Clarity》set of 5 tea ware won Grade1 Award at the International Ceramics Exposition

2001 《光系列——·五件茶具》获第七届全国陶瓷艺术创新评比三等奖
2001: 《Daylight》set of 5 tea ware won Grade3 Award the 7th National Ceramic Arts Innovation Competition

2001 《光系列——日月同辉·五件茶具》获第七届全国陶瓷艺术设计创新评比优秀奖
2001: 《Glory of The Sun and The Moon》 set of 5 tea ware won Outstanding Award at the 7th National Ceramic Arts Innovation Competition

2002 《犼的传说·五件茶具》获第三届中国工艺美术大师作品展铜奖
2002: 《The Legend of Hou》set of 5 tea ware won Bronze Award at the 3rd National Masters’ Art & Craft Exposition

2003 《雄风·五件茶具》获第三十七届全国工艺品博览会金奖;
2003: 《Majestic Flair》set of 5 tea ware won Gold Award at the 37th National Crafts Exposition.

2002: 《Light Series - Daylight》 won Grade3 Award at the 7th National Ceramics Design Competition

2003: 《Light Series - Daylight》 won Grade1 Award at the 37th National Tourism Craft Exposition.

2012, October: awarded the title of “Grand Master of The Arts” by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.