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4. Major Joyous NEWS! The Official Ordination Of Senior Master Lu Xue Feng 路学峰 As Disciple Under National Grand Master He Dao Hong 何道洪。4b. Although we can get any Artist's pot for you, why do we purposely avoid certain people?

We are there as Grand Master He Dao Hong's very internal few, closest Friends to witness the momentous occasion: 20th October 2023.1.  REALZISHA, WE HERE HAVE CONNECTIONS with anybody in YiXing.  WE CAN GET YOU ANY ARTISTS' pots from YiXing (and at the Best Price) as we have mentioned before.  BUT we will advise all our friends and patrons to avoid some Artists if they raise the question and on some names. At RealZiSha, we CAN provide any pots our patrons want from ANY YiXing Artists. We really can.  As we have mentioned before, name any Artist, we can get them for you.  Yes, at the Best Price in the landscape.BUT, WE ALWAYS ADVISE OUR PATRONS before they leap if...

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Regular updates: ZiSha Works crafted by our Artists, Commissioned by our Supportive Patrons. Update 1st Oct: , New Specially Designed and Crafted after 3 months of sculpting: "Zhi Niu 执牛" by Senior Consummate Master Yuan Hui for Mr Jeff Williams.

Mr T. Truxell commissioned Assoc Master Zhang Ke to craft the Yun Ying 云婴 ZiSha Work with the specified Calligraphy inscription, Work Completed in October 2023 with delight for him and his wife! BenShan LüNi 本山绿泥, "Yun Ying 云婴", by Assoc Master Zhang Ke 张轲, with inscribed words meaningful to Mr Truxell and hsi wife. $1,130.     Mr Jeff Williams from Texas Ranch,Completed Work in September 2023, specially for his Ranch with Bulls,Zi Ni 紫泥,"Zhi Niu 执牛"by Senior Consummate Master 袁辉,with SPECIAL BESPOKE Commission of New Bull Motif on top of Yuan Hui's already famous and award-winning work "风云之豹".     Mr T.D. from Vietnam,Completed Work in August 2023,BenShan LüNi 本山绿泥,"Yun Ying 云婴",by Assoc Master Zhang Ke 张轲,with inscribed religious...

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