Welcoming Chinese New Year!!! ~ Our Artists' Chinese New Year Extravaganza Series.

Chinese New Year Series Extravaganza Series ~ Launch on Sunday, 7th January 2024, GMT:1600hrs!
JOY, ZiSha Art and Atmosphere filled with Taels, Fire Crackers, Peaches, Bamboo, joy, esteemed and rare clays: our Cao Family's Ben Shan Lü Ni and Ming Guo Duan Ni, and Huang Long Yuan 4th Quarry Di Cao Qing!  Most importantly with Great Provenance and Craftsmanship, outstanding collectibility and monumental values!   We had discussed with our Artists two months ago and they have got to work to ready this plethora of SIX ZiSha Works to welcome the Chinese New Year, of the Dragon!
Each will come with a display platform lined with Red Velvet, and, besides the Certificate from each of the Artists, each RealZiSha Artist will write and sign a Red, Auspicious (of course :-D) New Year Greeting Card to you too!
Special Series from all our Top Artists:

1.  Ying Xi Gong Deng 婴戏宫灯, 430ml, $1967, Ming Guo Duan Ni 曹家明国段泥, from Senior Master Cao Lan Fang 高级工艺美术师~曹兰芳。
This is an Auspicious piece! created by Cao Lan Fang to welcome the New Year!  Two things especial: 1) She dug into our Cao Family's specially curated and stored Lao Duan Ni and 2)used her skilled firing sequences to recreate and achieve the superb Ming Guo Duan Ni effect, extremely rich texture of colors!  One of the very Best Duan Ni, that even our uncle Premier Master Cao An Xiang rarely uses and one that we try to preserve for our family's tradition and heritage since the 1920s.  Senior Master Cao also appointed Craftsman to do the Mo Hui 墨绘。  Mo Hui is one of the special technique of ink drawing/illustration for ZiSha in YiXing, and here Senior Master Cao and Craftsman designed the caricature of Children Playing with Fire Crackers and the Auspicious Taels and Coins, to augur and bring in prosperity for the family of the owner!  A largish ZiSha composition which involves a lot of difficulty of holding the whole shape up (the upper neck and the lid are very heavy and causes gravitational stress on the shoulder of the body.  This pot had several failures before this sixth one turns out beautifully here!   This $1967 is a price that allows you to embrace Senior Master Cao Lan Fang's skill and Cao Family's own specialty clay.

2.  Yun Ying 云婴, Cao Family 100% Pure Ben Shan Lü Ni 曹家稀有, 100% 纯本山绿泥, $1130 from Assoc Master Zhang Ke 助理工艺美术师~张轲。
Zhang Ke surprises all of you friends!   Yes!  A ready stock Ben Shan Lu Ni work!  Yun Ying is a totally NEW ZiSha shape that is created by Zhang Ke.  The first specimen was out successfully a few months ago.   This is Zhang Ke's pride and joy, and you do not need to wait for commissioning.  Here is the rare 100% Ben Shan Lu Ni born from our Cao Family's own protected inventory.  Ready stock and ready to be shipped to you.  Zhang Ke will meet you to chat about this work.

3.  Shang He Tao 上合桃, $711, 173ml, Di Cao Qing Zi Ni 底槽青紫泥, by Assoc Master Xu Yan 助理工艺美术师~徐燕。
Just like Senior Master Cao Lan Fang's Ying Xi Gong Deng to welcome the Chinese New Year, Assoc Master Xu Yan created this PEACH of a ZiSha Work, Shang He Tao meaning, "Top Peach"!   Shang He Tao is one of the most beautiful combination Classic Segmental-Corollary~Ornate Works in the ZiSha Art fraternity.

This Shang He Tao crafted by Assoc Master Xu Yan, is truly, as good as it can get.  We all recognise this as a top Shang He Tao work.  SERAPHIC.  Handworked with outstanding detail by Xu Yan over two gruelling weeks.  Admire:  the Segmental-Corollary extremely neat and NATURAL contours, the divine Peach sculpting, and THAT base: crazy, mesmerising, complicated and cohesive.  Fully-Handmade and worked into shape by Xu Yan.  Words do not do it justice, and this is museum standard.

4.  Zhu Duan ~ Dui Bei 竹段对杯!  Bamboo Section ~ Cups in a Pair, $568, Da Shui Tan Zi Ni 大水潭紫泥, 55ml each, from Assoc Master Yu Chun Lei 助理工艺美术师~俞春雷。
Each is 55ml when filled to the brim, 45ml when 80% filled.
Assoc Master Yu, has lovingly crafted TWO Zhu Duan cups, for your adornment and practical usage in your daily lives!  It comes as a loving pair too : at only $568!

Assoc Master Yang Quan Sheng and Assoc Master Du Cheng Yao recently got together to procure from Huang Long Yuan, the National-Authenticated 4th Quarry Di Cao Qing!  You can finally own on of the holy grail of esteemed ZiSha clay for the most affordable prices in the market!  Yes, you will also hold the certificate with the revered Huang Long Yuan sticker!

5.  Si Fang Ming De 四方明德, $1230, 270ml, Huang Long Yuan's National-Authenticated Only Pure Huang Long Shan 4th Quarry Di Cao Qing 黄龙源国家验证唯一纯黄龙山四号井底槽青, from Assoc Master Yang Quan Sheng 助理工艺美术师~杨全胜。
Amazing exacting 混方紫砂器 Curved-Polygonal work.  This beautiful Classic ZiSha composition is given the supreme uplifting treatment:  crafted from Huang Long Yuan National-Authenticated Huang Long Shan 4th Quarry Di Cao Qing!  Assoc Master Yang Quan Sheng readied this extremely High Value ZiSha Work!!!! :

6.  Zhe Jian Gong Deng h折肩宫灯, $630, 200ml, Huang Long Yuan's National-Authenticated Huang Long Shan 4th Quarry Di Cao Qing 黄龙源国家验证唯一纯黄龙山四号井底槽青, from Assoc Master Du Cheng Yao 助理工艺美术师~堵程尧。
This is specially brought to you by Assoc Master Du, also using Huang Long Yuan's National-Authenticated Huang Long Shan 4th Quarry Di Cao Qing!  with Huang Long Yuan's regulated Sticker of Authentication and certificate by Assoc Master Du.  This is worthy as your cherished heirloom, and this is the Most Affordable Huang Long Yuan's National-Authenticated Huang Long Shan 4th Quarry Di Cao Qing Zi Ni work so far!  Our Artists really care for you dearest Friends and promulgating exemplary ZiSha compositions to you friends all around the world!  Cherish this crazily-priced Holy Grail of a ZiSha Clay: Authentic National-Authenticated 4th Quarry Di Cao Qing here presented by Du Cheng Yao at only $630.  Beguiling value.  A Totem to have on your Tea Table!  Grab it.

All ZiSha Compositions come with 1) the physical certificates, and 2) the video streamyard chat between you and your Artist supported, and 3) hers or his personally signed Chinese New Year greeting card, and 4) the Velvet-lined display platform!  WE WISH YOU ALL FRIENDS A VERY HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!!   All these works will all be launched in the Section below, on the 7th January 2024, GMT:1600hrs.