LAUNCH of Assoc Master Du Cheng Yao's Gu Quan ZiSha Work, crafted from Huang Long Yuan National-Authenticated 4th Quarry Di Cao Qing!

Dearest Friends, in the first week of January 2024, we saw the launch of TWO most affordable to date ZiSha Works by Assoc Master Du Cheng Yao and Assoc Master Yang Quan Sheng:
1.  $630 Zhe Jian Gong Deng, by Assoc Master Du,

2.  $1290, Si Fang Ming De, by Assoc Master Yang,

Both of these above prized works were decisively procured by our cherished friends and patrons, and swiftly: Zhe Jian Gong Deng within the first minute and Si Fang Ming De within a week.

We also take this opportunity to thank and congratulate both the above patrons!

Here is the Good News!
Assoc Master Du Cheng Yao has prepared just before he moved on to the New Year Celebrations and wowed us here again with this:
It is ready now to welcome the Chinese New Year!
THE ~ GU QUAN 顾泉 ~
$590 work, 130ml, also crafted from Huang Long Yuan 黄龙源 National-Authenticated true 国家验证 Huang Long Shan 黄龙山 4th Quarry Di Cao Qing 四号井底槽青!  Here are the first file photos before launch on the 17th February GMT:1700hrs:

There are only two units available and we welcome friends to procure this prized, rare and esteemed clay!  We also thank Assoc Master Du for his kind heart and utmost efforts, to work on this famous clay and bring to us an his most affordable Huang Long Yuan 4th Quarry Di Cao Qing!!!
What a gift to come to all of us!
It will be launched on this Saturday 17th Feb, GMT:1800hrs.

Watch out for the space here below as Assoc Master Du launches it precisely on GMT:1700hrs this Saturday!
He thanks all of you for your kindness supporting his work.
Please procure yours timely.