YiXing's Top Talent for Bamboo Weaving: Assoc Master Artist Shen Ji Yang

YiXing's Famous Talent for Bamboo Weaving detailing:
L4 Assoc Master Artist Shen Ji Yang 沈继扬


助理工艺美术师 ~ 沈继扬。

Born in 1988, Shen Ji Yang attained his rank of L4 Assoc Master Artist in 2017.

Famous name: Shen Ji Yang 沈继扬, in YiXing, Ding Shu Zhen, for his signature ZiSha works with Bamboo detailings and features.


Each edge of this famous pot,

Exhibits a curve in construction.

Each edge exhibits a curve in two planes, either the X and Y, or the X and Z, or the Y and Z planes.

And how Master Shen Ji Yang does all of these, and yet maintaining the neatness and squareness of all the neat perpendicular matting of the bamboo stripes, is amazing.

These ever so subtle curves on each edge, in 2 planes per curve, create an amazing and breathtaking stance whether you look at it from afar as it stands on your display cabinet, or from near as it sits on your tea table close to you as you use it to steep tea. 

BESPOKE SPECIAL LAUNCH: on 4th Sept 2022, GMT 0600hrs. Superb L4 Artist Shen Ji Yang’s famous and signature work, encompassing his best detailing craft, showcased here with his ingenious and diligent bamboo weaving. Come by here daily for compelling, fascinating updates leading up to the launch.