The Top Classic Polygonal pot, highest difficulty and Stateliest: The Grand Da Bin Seng Mao, here perfectly executed by Assoc Master Yang Quan Sheng.

Da Bin Seng Mao.
We have seen many a top Artist fear or fret making it, and even if they get past that stage to craft it, they flounder at it.
This one of the top accomplishment for a ZiSha Artist.

This pot's design originated from porcelain ware, with the use of much more workable and easily workable, pastier and stickier ceramic clay.  To transform this into a ZiSha Work of Art, is, breathtakingly difficult, and the final work is just extra-mundane, heavenly.

Dear Yang Quan Sheng accomplished it, and not only did he pass the test with flying colours,
He made it PERFECTLY.

He made five.  After firing.  Two are successful, and here Assoc Master Yang avails this one and ONLY piece, for us to savour, before he moves on to other bespoke requests.  The other one he keeps for himself proudly, and preciously, in his Studio.

This is a Riveting piece.  Beguiling and amazing feat.
Dearest Friends,

Assoc Master Yang Quan Sheng is selected to be with us at RealZiSha, and he is a Gem at Polygonal Pots creation.  He has always been extremely kind to get for you, our RealZiSha friends and patrons, absolutely exemplary pieces at affordable prices, so that we can adorn and dress our tea tables with much Oriental charm, flavour and meditative aura.  Always pieces of works that bring people in to the Tea Culture, help lead the talk into the Tea Culture and walk valantly the Engaging World of ZiSha.

He is an absolute dear Artist, kind and obliging, and with extreme rigorousness that he gives to us friends of ZiSha.

Friends and patrons are very happy receiving his works!

This, is the Da Bin Seng Mao.
This is one of the TOP, most difficult Polygonal Pot in the ZiSha Hall of Fame.  Many Artists "fear" making this pot. Extremely, extremely difficult, to the Nth degree.

A LOT of preparation: precision measurements, numerous trial and error, and crazy long period of pre-planning and preparation.  Just to make this Classic Pot that is the crowd puller and the Stateliest.
There is so much to talk about and adulation abound for this ZiSha Work of Art.
This is a Mixed Polygonal Pot with curves.

Hexagonal in its main body frame, but with the curves on each of the 6 slabs, and the curvatures are squat and acute.  Preparing these six pieces in the EXACTLY precise curvature from paddle-patting without breakage, and then joining them up with no room for error.  This is breathtaking.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Now we come to the top frame and structure:
From the curvatures of the body, rising up to the top frame where the beauty and complexity of the Hat starts and takes shape.
All six body slabs must be precise, or else 1) the hexagonal top lid cannot be made symmetrical in all 3 cardinals and allowed to be placed in all six different directions with PERFECT INTERCHANGEABILITY!

The top six flanges of the Hat, is fashioned to be of a rising gradient from front to back, instead of other Seng Mao made by other Artists which sports the six flanges of the same height (easier to accomplish):
This subtle, genteel and cohesive gradient creates a great sense of dynamism to the whole pot, without adding any edginess to it.
The lid.

It is complicated.  In itself, a work of Art.
This piece is EXTRAORDINARY.

Often, after we steep tea and serve it into the Gong Dao Bei:Serving Pitcher, one lifts off the lid and place it next to the pot.  And the beauty of the pot is compromised.
However with this top classic Da Bin Seng Mao,
The Lid itself shows itself as a Work of Static display Art by itself,

The Pot Body remains beautiful because the top flanges are covering up the gaping hole left by the absent lid.
Thus, BOTH the LID and the POT BODY transform to become Two cohesive Works of Art adorning your tea table,  
- the Lid: Pagoda-like,
- the Main Body: A Totem, an Emblematic Display of ZiSha Art's prowess.

The handle is deftly created and crafted too.  It sits quietly at the back, but exudes much beauty when you notice it.
The gentle curve of the whole stalk as you run from top to bottom, the adorable little nook on top and the lovely Ru Yi embellishment blended at the bottom!
culpted beauty.

Now we come to the spout.

Yes, the spout.   The tools needed to create the cavity of this spout have to be specially made themselves.  The spout also is breathtakingly, precisely crafted taking into account its MULTIPLE attachments: 1)the main body, 2)the top frame AND 3)the slightly curved front top flange of the Hat.   The spout has to be carefully and gingerly attached onto the main pot body, taking into account both the CURVE and the ANGULAR transitions between 1), 2) and 3). 
The inner filter holes have to be maximised in number and spanning as widely a footprint as possible on the limited space allowed, and found just 2mm below the lid edge-body interface.  Spacing has to be precisely calculated!  Everything is planned very early.  The hole width and spacing cannot be considered as an afterthought nor considered only after everything is done up.

Complications upon complications, upon complications.
Kudos to Assoc Master Yang.
This work is much loved and cherished.


Assoc Master Yang is extremely happy with his work and says a big thank you in advance for appreciating his work.

Stately, Oriental and Divine.

We welcome its owner to be to cherish and love this pot.

Certification for pot personally signed by Assoc Master Yang Quan Sheng, and video live verification for pot via Streamyard call between you the Esteemed Patron, holding your received pot, with Assoc Master Yang, will be done, for your provenance.

Extreme and top value is what we always give of every pot all of us Artists and Craftsmen here provide at RealZiSha, this is another of them.  We continue fighting for you friends.  We must save this reverenced Art Form, and this being the critical part of the tea culture: tea + pot.

Assoc Yang thanks you dearest Friends for your support all these months for him since joining RealZiSha.  He is single-mindedly here to provide for all of you friends and patrons ZiSha works of astounding True Value, Quality, and Craftsmanship.
Thank you dearest Friends!