Zenith Work from Polygonal Class Work Extraordinaire ASSOC MASTER YANG QUAN SHENG. "心静无尘, 落雪听禅" If the Heart is Still, and is without defilements/dust, One hears Ch'an/Zen as the falling Snow touches the Ground.

Dearest Friends, as we embark on the journey of Fully-Handmade ZiSha works, we get to understand more and more, about the most formidable skills and experience crafting required to accomplish exemplary works formed from the msot formidable ceramic clay: ZiSha clay.  Seemingly impossible to craft accounting of all the difficulties involved, but ultimately overcome by the sheer Gung (savoir-faire, skill and knowhow), passed down for the past FIVE HUNDRED years from the 1500s till now.  传承Chuan Cheng, from Master Teacher to student, student turns master and to painstakingly pass down the multiple skills, intricate details and knowhow of every STEP and EVERY CORNER that exists in a ZiSha work, inside-out.  All around.  The silent, humble and zenith craftsmanship required at every step, showcased by various exemplary works.  ZiSha Art works from past to present, can be great due to the transcendental aesthetic design.  They can also be great due to the mind-boggling and onerous skills involved.

For example, when forming a perfectly 90-degree angled squarish-perpendicular cornered Polygonal work, due to the high shrinkage of the ZiSha clay slab, a Master needs to craft the four slabs NOT in perfectly flat pieces, he has to coax a small curve into each slab, due to the tightening effect of the adjoining seams -> exerting a torsional force effect on the slab during firing.  Also, how big is the slab?  How far away from the centre to the adjoining sides?  Gravitational pull on the slab as the slab shrinks during firing.  What firing temperature?  Even a 1 degC difference can make ALL the difference between success and failure.

Now CURVED POLYGONAL works take that to an even higher plane of difficulty.

First off, crafting polygonal pots which have curved surfaces or edges in a single plane is already difficult.  To achieve curvature in dual planes, is even more difficult.  To craft and realise curvatures in all 3 planes, is absolutely masterful.  Assoc Master Yang accomplishes curvatures in all X-, Y- and Z- axes.  Acme.  Zenith.

AFTER FIRING, the curves of the FOUR slabs must "shrink - clip" into shape and coherency.

The RESULTING curves at the corners are to be continuous, despite the heavy shrinkage during firing.  The curves have to be continuous, in this EXACTING Si Fang Jun De work crafted by Assoc Master Yang.  And all must be done coherent: left versus right symmetry, front versus back symmetry.

The curved lid can be switched in all four directions.  Absolute precision and aesthetics.
This lid-to-body interface, is also of the difficult 截盖 Jie Gai form.

The coherency carries on to the spout: Assoc Master Yang spares no effort to craft a TRULY OUTSTANDING SPOUT which is squarish, but yet curved in all 4 edges.  Assoc Master Yang deserves our applause and adulation.  We salute Assoc Master Yang for his extreme hard work and first class, virtuoso skills.

The handle is thoroughly ergonomic.  The outer surface is crafted with generous girth and flatness for the THUMB PULP and dorsum of  the middle phalanx of the middle finger to press on, and Master Yang craft a minute delicate curved chamfer onto the four outer edges.  WHILE the inner surface where the index finger hooks, has a MORE larger degree, more pronounced curved chamfer crafted to the four inner edges.  Utter, amazing COMFORT.  

The knob is an adorable, lovely caricature of the pot.

Marvel at Assoc Master Yang's extreme Polygonal pot skills.

Own a Polygonal pot at your home that is a showcase, an exemplar of a true superlative Polygonal pot.  Be very proud.  Assoc Master Yang, own one of his works if you have not.
 We delight in his first-class Polygonal ZiSha works accompanying us in our tea journey.

The ultimate icing on this work, is that it is crafted from:

Huang Long Yuan's National-Authenticated Huang Long Shan 4th Quarry Di Cao Qing.  Yes one of the six holy grail zisha clays we have explained.  And this is the only 4th Quarry Di Cao Qing that we all aspire to and 100% trust.

Assoc Master Yang and Assoc Master Du have been working closely and had procured a brick of this Huang Long Yuan 4th Quarry Di Cao Qing in December 2022.  This comes at great cost and under the auspices of their teacher Master Chen Guo Liang who is able to convince Huang Long Yuan company owner to avail this brick to them.  Huang Long Yuan owner does not sell his National-Authenticated esteemed clays to anybody who walks in with cash.  Connections and honesty and repute matter.  And you our dearest friends, are who we serve to empower.  We want to empower you.  You do not need to do the negotiations.  We do them for you.  We run around and arrange them for you.

Recently between December to February, three prized works crafted with this holy grail zisha clay, 折肩宫灯 Zhe Jian Gong Deng, 四方明德 Si Fang Ming De, and 顾泉 Gu Quan, were all decisively, swiftly procured by our cherished friends and patrons all over the world.

We take this opportunity to thank and congratulate both the above patrons!

For this amazing creation by Assoc Master Yang, only two units of this virtuoso ZiSha work, are available here for launch.  We wish you friends best of fortunes to procure and proudly own one.
Assoc Master Yang Quan Sheng with his years of experience, had worked very hard to bring this to fruition.
This is the outstanding Curved Polygonal Work:
The Si Fang Jun De

$1399 work, 145ml, crafted from Huang Long Yuan company's 黄龙源 National-Authenticated true 国家验证 Huang Long Shan 黄龙山 4th Quarry Di Cao Qing 四号井底槽青, its cherished launch on this coming Saturday, 9th March, GMT:1600hrs:

We also thank Assoc Master Yang for his monumental efforts to accomplish work this beguiling and masterful 四方君德 Si Fang Jun De work,  from the notoriously unwieldy and hard raw slab of Huang Long Yuan 4th Quarry Di Cao Qing!  He thanks all of you for your kindness supporting his craft and livelihood too.
Watch out for the space here below as Assoc Master Yang launches it precisely on GMT:1600hrs this Saturday.  Thank you Friends.



It means,

If the Heart is Still, and is without defilements/dust,

One hears Ch'an/Zen as the Snow falls and touches the Ground."