The Prized, ORIGINAL ACTUAL Gold Award Winning "Lu San You 路三友" Work, L2A Senior Consummate Master Artist Lu Xue Feng 高级振兴技艺师~路学峰。

Dearest Friends,
This is our Senior Consummate Master Lu Xue Feng's ORIGINAL WINNING PIECE at the 16th National Masters Premium Works Exposition in Year 2014, and it won the Grand GOLD Prize.

Rarely would the original winning piece from any Artist, be availed.   Here, we are thrilled to announce its availability.
Senior Master Lu is Grand Master Shao Shun Sheng's chosen Number 1 Disciple.
This Prized Winning Piece will be availed on 8th July 2023 at GMT1600hrs.
The owner of this piece, will receive the Certificate from him, and also a Video Call with him to talk through this piece close to his heart.
It is very rare for an Artist to be willing to share and pass his or her original winning work to our patrons.  Here at RealZiSha team, we do it for you.  Our Artists are amazingly big-hearted and forward looking.  This magnificent "Lu San You",
1) combines the combination of Lao ZiNi, Qing Shui Ni, Duan Ni, Ming Guo Lü Ni,
2) the crazy difficulty is in the APPLICATION and FINISHING of the various clay types.  Even if one Artist is to combine various clays in a simpler Austere pot, there is often the problem of accidental smearing of clays onto other parts.  IF there IS smearing of just a small speck, it can only be visible only after firing when the colors come through.
Now imagine, Senior Master Lu did this in a complicated Ornate pot with:
a) the lid: brown branch vs green leaves vs lighter QingShuiNi background; 
b) the left face: yellow Plum Blossom vs brown branch vs darker Lao ZiNi background,
c) right face: MingGuo LüNi bamboo vs the darker Lao ZiNi background.
3)  There is also the COLOSSAL problem of cracking open at the joining of the various clay types, because different clay types bear different shrinkage properties.  Senior Master Lu must be diligent to the Nth degree at ALL edges to make sure that there is no air-holes/gaps, PLUS taking care that things are smoothened out.
Here it is, the famous Lu San You:
We admire and revere, salute his top craftmanship.
This Personal and Original Award Winning Piece is $15,850.
This is, a Top Totem of a ZiSha pot to own and revere in your own home.

Certification for pot addressing your name personally signed by Senior Master Lu Xue Feng, and video live verification for pot via Streamyard call between you the Esteemed Patron, holding your received pot, with Senior Master Lu, will be done, for your provenance.

Dear Friends, its launch to the very fortunate patron, at $15,850, on the space below, on the 8th July at GMT 1600hrs!  Senior Master Lu also wants to thank you Dearest Friends and Patrons for your support these years since joining RealZiSha team to provide determined and single-minded efforts to provide true fully-handmade ZiSha compositions for all of you friends and patrons.  Absolute and Extreme value is what we always give of every pot we sell here at RealZiSha.  We continue serving you friends.  We will save this reverenced Art Form, and this being the critical part of the tea culture: tea + pot.