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zisha teapot

I have rarely seen such dedication, passion and love of a ’product’, as well as kindness.
The said teapot is just so marvellous in its simple and pure beauty.
Thank you for offering such rare beauty.
With kindest regards,

100% Great

Good day to everyone!
I've received this teapot. Well, what can I say? I'm not an expert.
From that perspective, I can't judge!

But the teapot is damn good, excellently made. Attention to the smallest details, a piece of Chinese culture on your table!

A huge thank you to everyone involved in the process, from the craftsman to the sellers. And to your entire team.
All the best to you!


This is my first fully handmade zisha teapot. I have bought several machined pots earlier and they Are no where near as good as this one. Its seasons really nice and looks amazing. I had many doubts before my purcase, spesifically since i have been fooled into buying «real handmade» pots before, but Ian and hes crew have been very helpful and informative. I will buy more pots from realzisha very soon. Thanks Ian.

This is my first zisha teapot and I love it!
Craftsman Jiang Bin's work is breathtaking, every curve feels right. The lid fits perfectly with almost no movement. Every seam is invisible on the outside yet proudly on display on the inside.
What an amazing display of artistry and craftsmanship. I'm so happy I get to make tea with it everyday!
Thank you Jiang Bin for your craftsmanship, and RealZisha for working so hard to make it easy to find real fully handmade zisha teapots!

Meticulous detail

My favorite zhou pan that I have seen. It is meticulously sculpted: seamless lid-to- body interface and perfectly crafted circular lines and shape. I love the smooth matte surface, sleek but somehow feels soft. Thank you to Associate Master Xu Jian for the opportunity to meet and speak about this work, and to Ian and Yilei for arranging the meeting.

A Delight

I recently received this handmade teapot and I'm enamored with its elegance and craftsmanship. The smooth, flawless surface showcases meticulous attention to detail, while the pour is remarkably smooth and precise, making each tea session a delight. This teapot seamlessly blends beauty with functionality, embodying the rich tradition of ZiSha craftsmanship. It's a work of art that I couldn't be happier with.

This charming teapot is made even more beautiful by Assoc Master Du's skill and his choice of clay. The Tiao Sha combination clay is a mellow chocolate with tiny orange/gold flecks. The inscription is a stanza from a poem (thanks to Ian for the explanation!) hailing the commitment and dedication to one's art. A beautiful work by Assoc Master Du!

Amazing Teapot!

This is my first zisha teapot and I couldn’t be happier. Oolong has been transformed! As soon as I saw it I knew it was the stepping stone to zisha teaware. Everything about it was just right.
Craftsmen Wang Xing 王兴 and Ding Tie Ping 丁铁平 (德) both did a wonderful job. Not only is it functional but I will proudly display it as a work of art. I wish them and everyone at RealZiSha great and continued success.

I love the austere, modern look of this teapot. It makes great tea and is a pleasure to use. A most excellent teapot by Assoc Master Du!

Incredible Di Xiang Teapot

The Di Xiang has a lovely grey/brown salt-and-pepper kind of color and a slight stony texture, as if it were carved instead of sculpted. The teapot is wonderful to hold and to look at. It makes great tea as well, of course, although it's almost too elegant to use (out of fear of breakage because I am accident prone, which makes my love of zisha teapots hilarious) - so my Di Xiang teapot is mostly a “statement” piece for display. Beautiful work by Assoc Master Yang.

A Collectible Artwork

Crafted and created by assoc master Xu Yan for the Dragon Lunar New Year! The curves and bends of this Sheng He Tao are really up to the museum standard. Thank you the realzisha team and assoc master Xu Yan for this beautiful New Year gift. Happy New Year of the Dragon!

A True BenShan LüNi

It is another collectible piece of Zisha Art. This beautiful Yun Ying is eye-catching and mesmerizing. The design is elegant, and my words can't give all details. The pouring is strong. The pot feels sturdy, and the aura is radiating. Thank you the realzisha team and assoc master Zhang for this speical artwork of the Dragon Lunar New Year!

The prize jewel in our collection

We adore this lovely little pot! But even more than that, we cannot speak highly enough of the help and customer service Ian and Yi-Lei provide along every step of the way. They have provided information, education, and service far beyond what most companies would provide. We absolutely recommend RealZisha and the artisans they support to anyone looking to purchase Yixing clay teaware.

Special commissioning: by Ms Liqin for Assoc Master Du for two ZiSha Works
superb craftsmanship

Superbly crafted as always from Associate Master Du, the teapots are just as functional as they are beautiful. Thank you for kindly accepting the commission request, it was a quite a surprise when I was able to unbox the parcel and finally see the pots!

Small, elegant, and excellent

A wonderful piece for individual brewing. The clay interacts well with a Yun Wu Green Tea. The lid fit is seamless and the pour is excellent. The depth of craft is evident in the piece's austere symmetry. Chen Fa Chu is a clear disciple of his art!

Excellent Tea Pot

This is my 2nd of four pots now from realzisha.

perfect as usual, pours great, great lid fit, great clay.

this one I use for dancong oolong and it brews the best I have ever had.

Amazing Perfect Pot

This was the first pot I got from this shop. It is absolutely phenomenal, pours perfect and is perfectly balanced.

It also makes excellent tea.

I now have 4 pots from Ian and Yi-Lei and they are all perfect.

Service and communication and shipping is excellent as well. if you are on the fence I can tell you this company IS better than the others and the pots are legitimately of a higher grade.


Words can't describe how special it is to hold and be able to see this piece in person and though the pictures are of very high quality they fail to capture the depth and true detail the sculpted landscapes hold. I also love the poem on the side as it felt like a super personal touch from the artist. This is a teapot I will cherish forever and will be a treasured family heirloom in time. Ian has been extremely helpful with the requesting of the commissioned teapot with Master Yuan Hui and Master Shi Chang. If you can I would highly recommend getting a teapot from them, it is well worth it and I couldn't be happier with the final product!

Delightful Teapot

This handsome dragon teapot makes me unreasonably happy. And I love how unique it is, I have never seen anything like it and that makes it all the more special, to be able to own such a special yixing teapot. Just looking at him makes me feel better (look at the little feet!) I commend Master Chen for the incredible craftsmanship and look forward to seeing what they do in the future!

Amazing teapot, pours very well and is a work of art.

A Zenith Artwork

First, the shipment arrived earlier than expected delivery date. Second, the Qian He Set looks zenith in person (photos don't do all the judgments!).
The Qian He Set formed superb with beautiful sculptures. The Tea Pet is beautiful and its face details are contented. The Qian He Set functions well at brewing tea too. The pot's strong steady pouring is admired. The cups are adorable, proudly and roundly to held on hands.
Thank you, Ian and Jeff, the realzisha team, for the journey of the Qian He set, by sharing me the processes and the steps along the way until the completion of the set. Thank you senior consummate master Lu Xue Feng for this forever beloved and treasured Qian He Set.

Ming Lu Pot

The teapot arrived quickly and well packed. It is beautifully made. and was a gift to my son. He was beyond thrilled.

Beautiful Xu Bian

This was my second buy from Craftsman Na Yao 娜姚. Her works are really beautiful and are, to borrow a phrase from another patron on here, "functional art". As with her Gong Deng teapot, I hit the "buy" button as soon as I saw this posted!