Sensational: Ming Yuan Yin Bao 鸣远印包 made of National Authenticated True 4th Quarry Di Cao Qing 四号井底槽青

Affordable and Sensational, First-Rate ZiSha work, National Authenticated True 4th Quarry Di Cao Qing 四号井底槽青, utilised by Assoc Master Yang to make this: the famous Ming Yuan Yin Bao 鸣远印包。


Dearest Friends,
We are very happy to announce this piece of news to you.
Assoc Master Yang Quan Sheng has BRAVELY embarked on this new chapter of ZiSha journey with all of you friends.  We are all excited, very happy, very happy!  This is a joyous, precious and proud work for all of you friends to collect. 

He has forked out his own monies to procure bricks of: Huang Long Yuan’s 黄龙源 Huang Long Shan 黄龙山 4th Quarry Di Cao Qing 底槽青, 黄龙源 黄龙山 四号井 底槽青!!!

The First Third of a brick has been used by him to familiarise with the characteristics of this famous patina-forming YET notoriously stiff and unyielding ZiSha clay type.
Yes, 4qDCQ is known to have low formability.  Very hard and unyielding.

ZiSha being a ceramic clay type which can only be slab-built: this stiff and unyielding consistency provides one of the most challenging clays for any Artist to craft pots with.  Not all Artists have touched it nor tried it yet (the same goes for BenShan LüNi: many Artists and Craftsmen either have not handled it nor know how to make a pot out of BenShan LüNi).
Assoc Master Yang is very experienced and skilful, with his A) heartfelt provision of high quality and B) pushed-down prices of all his works presented here at RealZiSha,
He is continuing this precious line of limited ZiSha creations for all of us!
Do support him for his good heart and great skills, savour and relish his every creation and work.
The initial familiarising stage includes making test pieces for firing at different temperatures (looking at the final resultant colour and texture at gradations as mild as 2 to 3 degC steps), practising pounding and patting-testing at different curvatures, joining strengths, wall strengths at different moisture levelsfiring success percentage, optimising for surface appearance and textures, moving on to making test pots and looking at what makes the perfect 4qDCQ pot TICK AT ALL the boxes.
His focus and determination, are matched with his audacity and confidence.
He arrives with a bang:

The first work here that he presents for all of us friends with this use of the holy grail of ZiNi, is, the BREATHTAKING and exhilarating work,

The Ming Yuan Yin Bao 鸣远印包。

One of the most Eminent works of Chen Ming Yuan:
THE ORIGINAL Ming Yuan Yin Bao
鸣远印包 here made in the Qing Dynasty, in the HANDS of a private collector, a very deep and humble friend.  He is very, very helpful, 100000x helpful and GENEROUS, to donate his ORIGINAL MingYuan YinBao for us so that Assoc Master Yang Quan Sheng can know and MUSTER the exact dimensions, curves, proportions and details of this pot!
This, my friends, is the Original historic Ming Yuan Yin Bao! :

The original, historic piece is about 350ml and made of ZiNi (not 4th Quarry Di Cao Qing) and made by 陈鸣远 in the Qing Dynasty.
Assoc Master Yang Quan Sheng upon our brief, has made it at 180ml, SENSATIONALLY and masterfully DELICATE, and WITH THE PERFECT PROPORTIONS, naturally flowing and perfect details and all!

Assoc Master Yang Quan Sheng has ABSOLUTELY BOSSED it.
He has, not just, mastered the peculiar and difficult nature and properties of the 4qDCQ, he thrived on it so well!  He absolutely aced it with this challenging pot model, and the result is faultless.  Breathtaking.

It is the combination of 2 classes of pots:
1….Polygonal class 方器,
2….Ornate class 花器,
and with the most difficult lid-vs-pot interface, Qian Gai 嵌盖 : whereby the pot's top has a sunken-in opening for the lid.  The lid thus seats inset into, TIGHTLY, into the interface, with NO MARGIN FOR ERROR throughout the full rectangular circumference, and the top ORNATE surface MUST BE FLUSHED COHESIVE AND CONTINUOUS with the outer silhouette of the entire pot!

Adding to the difficulty:
1) adding fuel to fire, this Qian Gai lid is NOT circular.
A circular Qian Gai lid if made slightly too big, can still undergo the "ZhengKou 整口" process.  The ZhengKou = Refining the Lid process, is done for circular lids so as to pare down, "file" in, the circular collar so that the lid can sit into the pot opening.

HOWEVER, A POLYGONAL LID CANNOT UNDERGO ZHENGKOU. The Artist must get it right, right from the word go.  No corrective ZhengKou work can be done at the polygonal lid collar.  Herein lies the challenge.  Make or break.  If after firing, the lid doesn't fit, the WHOLE pot has to go (abandoned).

Dear Friends,
2) To add further fuel to fire to the more, this MingYuan YinBao's Qian Gai lid has the ornate elements crossing over at the interface, which leaves many an unskilled Artist in a quandary during crafting: you must achieve Precision AND Organic Gracefulness.

Crazily Daunting but Assoc Master Yang has accomplished it and SUCCEEDED with APLOMB! :-D  We are all thankful and in awe.  We congratulate him!

All these make for the supreme beauty of, and the admirable craftsmanship involved in, this famous, heritage and historical: Ming Yuan Yin Bao 鸣远印包 work, which ZiSha Artists revere in awe of the late Chen Ming Yuan.
Superlative Extreme Precision is needed.
In total, Assoc Master Yang made 7 pots, and only 3 pots are successful.  The rest are either deformed / cracked / the interface not fitting/complementary perfectly (these 4 are abandoned.). He keeps one, and hence will avail TWO for you friends.
Assoc Master Yang Quan Sheng is VERY PROUD to have succeeded in this wish and exclusive project for all of you.  His dedication and hard work here, plus the revered Huang Long Yuan 4th Quarry Di Cao Qing, is yours for only $1,550!  He is humbled and honoured to pay homage to the venerable Ming Yuan Yin Bao work.
He welcomes you to collect this, we wish for you to use at your home and WITNESS AND ADMIRE FIRST HAND: THE AMAZING PATINA CHANGES special and exclusive to the Huang Long Yuan Huang Long Shan 4th Quarry Di Cao Qing 黄龙源黄龙山四号井底槽青。Admire and handle this First Rate ZiSha work of the ZiSha industry, in your own home.

Dearest Friends, when we launched the Ming-Qing era section in January, we mentioned that we will be committed to reviving as many of these historical pieces which we only see in Museums or in books.  We mentioned that we will bring forth to you these pieces to your tea tables, instead of just reading and admiring them in 2-dimensional photos in books or through the glass case in our Chinese Museums.  We want all of you to bring them home, to use them, to STUDY THEM with your hands and your eyes, these very historic, beautiful ZiSha pieces!

Much hard work, collaborative efforts, knowing the right people, cooperationcoordination and practising, the Artist practising, practising, and more practising, hard work, happen behind the scenes.
Our collective strength at RealZiSha: our group of top Artists and our tentacles-like best contacts in YiXing, we link everything up!  The Artists, each with both the skill and the heart of sharing amongst one another, worked together to bring this finally to you.  We give thanks to our dear humble and esteemed friend in YiXing again who possesses the actual historic Ming Yuan Yin Bao.  He agreed to donate it to us for two months.  We duly passed it to Assoc Master Yang to study it in absolute total detail.  He responded, rose to the challenge, rose to the occasion and delivers.  Cherish this great work, and,

The only True National Authenticated 4th Quarry Di Cao Qing, Huang Long Yuan's Huang Long Shan 4th Quarry Di Cao Qing.  Nothing else meets the standard, and the YiXing ZiSha Fraternity acknowledges it to be the only true 4th Quarry Di Cao Qing,
黄龙源 黄龙山 唯一国家验证 四号井 底槽清。

We have showcased, demonstrated and illustrated the famous Patina Changes of this Huang Long Yuan 4th Quarry Di Cao Qing in our section discussion on this Huang Long Yuan's Huang Long Shan 4th Quarry Di Cao Qing a few months ago. We show them here again:
Day One:

Month 2:

Month 3:

Month 5:

Month 7:

Month 10:

Friends, we grandly and affectionately welcome you to procure this, a mouth-watering work, at an affordable price: stunning, and of huge historic eminence hailing from Chen Ming Yuan 陈明远.

Certification for pot personally signed by Assoc Master Yang Quan Sheng, and video live verification for pot via Streamyard call between you the Esteemed Patron, holding your received pot, with Assoc Master Yang, will be done, for your provenance.

Extreme value is what we always give of every pot all of us Artists and Craftsmen here provide at RealZiSha, this is another of them.  We continue fighting for you friends.  We must save this reverenced Art Form, and this being the critical part of the tea culture: tea + pot.

Dear Friends, do watch out for its launch on the space below, on the 6th May at GMT 1600hrs!  Assoc Yang would like to thank you Dearest Friends for your support all these months for him since joining RealZiSha, he is single-mindedly here to provide for all of you friends and patrons ZiSha works of astounding TRUE VALUE, QUALITY and CRAFTSMANSHIP.
Thank you dearest Friends!