LAUNCH of Assoc Master Du Cheng Yao's Ping Gai Gong Deng 平盖宫灯, crafted from Gu Fa Lian Ni 古法炼泥 ~ Qing Hui Duan Ni 青灰段泥。

We congratulate both our Finland friend and The Philippines friend for their purchase of the last two pieces of Huang Long Yuan's National-Authenticated  Huang Long Shan 4th Quarry Di Cao Qing.  The ZiSha work "Gu Quan" was launched on last Saturday 17th Feb at GMT:1700hrs.

We really thank Mr T.Jun. and Miss P.Mer.!  It has been our pleasure to help both of you!  Many years we had with both of you.  We treasure both your patronage and support of the tea culture: Tea + Fully-Handmade ZiSha Art.

Just back from Chinese New Year,
Assoc Master Du Cheng Yao has finished firing for the third round, and one successful piece of this beautiful Ping Gai Gong Deng is here:

~" Ping Gai Gong Deng 平盖宫灯 "~
$402 work, 205ml, also crafted from Gu Fa Lian Ni 古法练泥 ~ Qing Hui Duan Ni 青灰段泥!  Only One is available.  Here are the first file photos before launch on the 24th February GMT:1600hrs:

Watch out for the space here below as Assoc Master Du launches it on GMT:1700hrs this Saturday!
He thanks all of you for your kindness supporting his work.
Please procure yours timely.