Exquisitely formed, De Zhong 德钟 by Assoc Master Zhang Ke 张轲。

Launching 24th Sept, at $1070, a superbly, delicately and exquisitely formed De Zhong, 德钟, of volume 260ml.

Zhang Ke's works have always been favoured and collected by the Discerning.


His Works major on the Austere class. Many a person may not realize there is (much) more than meets the eye with Austere pots. Many, including us friends when we were new to this ZiSha Art, would think, "ah... not another Fang Gu, ah, not another Si Ting, ah... not another Shi Piao"

But, when we delve deeper, are exposed to Austere works made by Masters, we begin to understand that, really, "there is more than meets the eye" with Austere pots.

The lines, the subtle lines, the cohesiveness, the planning and conception of something so balanced, unobtrusive, plainly simple yet mesmerising beautiful.

In ZiSha Art, the Grand Masters teach: There is no absolute straightness in a straight line, and there is no curve in a curved line. There is curvature found in a straight lline, and there is straightness implied in and hidden on a curve.

How to visualize the whole work in its entirety, and then PLAN to cut out the right sized slabs, pieces, make the right tools, before starting work on an Austere pot: all these are not simple.

And, Master Artists make a variety of pot shapes, unlike craftsmen who focus on a limited number of shapes they are good at and which can be sellable to the general public.  A craftsman may make 600 De Zhongs in his lifetime, but a Master Artist probably only makes 40 De Zhongs in his lifetime.  The Master Artist MUST be good in many, many pot shapes.

How to make a pot with each tiny section rhyme in with what is adjacent to it, and and also rhyme in with what is further away from it such that when one looks at it from a distance: the whole pot with its parts, sections, look cohesive, with the right ratios. Masterful Artists will be able to conjure superbly formed Austere pots, just so comfortable to look at, the user and owner of the pot just takes it for granted. The Master is trying to tell you: "I will show you my skill, but not through overt, obvious ways; you won't find anything flamboyant nor superfluous nor anything that obviously sticks out and catches your attention, yet you will find them, and not find them, for the various parts support and help construct one another comfortably as a whole that you can't find them."

We greatly welcome you to own and use this beautiful De Zhong, on your tea table.

Certification for pot personally signed by Zhang Ke, and verification for pot done via live Streamyard call between you, the Collector, and Assoc Master Zhang Ke will be arranged.

Kindly watch out for the space below on the 24th Sept at GMT 0600hrs.  Thank you dearest Friends!