Craftsman Wu Peng 吴鹏老师。

Craftsman Wu Peng 吴鹏 a Specialist in his Textural and Organic BenShan ZhuNi pots, join us with the launch of THREE BenShan ZhuNi pot shapes at $249, $301 and $319 in July 2023!  ZhuNi is a type of ZiSha whereby one can't perform too many ornamental craftings due to its pasty-ness and high shrinkage. Wu Peng breaks through and with his extreme dexterity and mastery of BenShan ZhuNi, have prepared three of his outstanding ZhuNi SMALL ORNATE pots for all of you, with more coming up as he works OK and fires them.

Dearest Friends,
赵小卫老师 Craftsman Zhao Xiao Wei specialises in AUSTERE CLASS 光素器 works, crafting from XiaoMeiYao ZhuNi 小煤窑朱泥 and ZhaoZhuang ZhuNi 赵庄朱泥,
吴鹏老师 Craftsman Wu Peng, he specialises in ORNATE CLASS 花器 works, generally from BenShan ZhuNi 本山朱泥,
杨云老师 Craftsman Yang Yun, she specialises in POLYGONAL CLASS 方器 works, generally from BenShan Lao Zhu Ni 本山老朱泥. 
Comprehensively, these three ZHU NI specialists take care of all our VITAL ZhuNi pots necessary in our savouring of high fragrance teas, all types of Oolong tea types (e.g. light-roasted, heavy-roasted, WuYi YanCha, Tie Guan Yin), White Teas, Green Teas, Black Teas, Yellow Teas.
Austere, Ornate and Polygonal ZhuNi works, your journey is now complete with these three committed, hardworking ZhuNi geniuses.