L4 Associate Master, 堵程尧 Du Cheng Yao

Born, 7th Dec 1994,
Attained on 23rd Dec 2021 at age of 27 years young, the Assoc Master title.

We are excited that we have attracted one good Artist to be working exclusively with us, and he is Associate Master, 堵程尧 Du Cheng Yao. Hardworking and humble. Most importantly his works are born of great skill coupled with tremendous aesthetics, is honest (avoiding all the tricks which the industry of various bosses and artists indulge in), and is homely and always willing to communicate with all of you. He understands the Win-Win situation he needs to build with customers and patrons. These above qualities are what we insist strictly at RealZisha. And we are glad Assoc Master Du Cheng Yao understands and concurs with us. He is aiming high, is committed, and that is why we present him to you.