Wang Chao Peng 王超鹏 ~ Yi Xing Zi Sha Number One Kai Shu Style Calligraphy Engraving Master 宜兴紫砂楷书刻绘第一高人。

Han Qi Lou is very famous and is a supremely respected figure in YiXing ZiSha.  The facts are thus: Han Qi Lou is a famed Calligrapher, and he is born in YiXing.  However, YiXing ZiSha for all its wonders and highest ceramic professional skill involved, was not well known outside of China before the 80s.  Han Qi Lou felt the duty to help his own YiXing folks.  In the 1980s he started bringing Gu Jing Zhou, Jiang Rong out of YiXing to promote ZiSha Art to the rest of the world.   Yes, indeed, he IS THE person who led and guided Gu Jing Zhou, Jiang Rong et al, overseas, in order to help these Artists spread and promote their works to the world.  Mr Han Qi Lou is seated in the center of our file photo:

Speak to any YiXing folk, and they regard Han Qi Lou as one of the major esteemed father figures who helped to propel ZiSha Art to the world and brought it to huge prominence, appreciation and recognition from the world of Ceramic Arts and the tea community at large.

Calligraphy Master Han Qi Lou's son-in-law is: Wang Chao Peng 王超鹏。

This is Master Wang Chao Peng 王朝鹏:

Wang Chao Peng 王超碰 is the BEST and Numero Uno Artist for the inscription of Chinese Calligraphy in YiXing ZiSha Art, he had also won and garnered EVERY, ALL, of YiXing's Calligraphy Engraving Art accolades!

Wang Chao Peng is ZiSha Art Fraternity’s ONLY Master Engraver who can engrave/inscribe Chinese Characters with EACH CHARACTER MEASURING ONLY 1.5mm tall × 1.5mm wide!! AND YET DESPITE ITS ALMOST MICROSCOPIC SIZE, EACH IS STILL ABLE TO MANIFEST ALL THE BEAUTY, DETAILS, STRENGTH, FLOW AND DELICACY OF STROKES (Bi Feng 笔锋 of calligraphy).  Yes: each character measuring only 1.5mm by 1.5mm.  Here, Master Wang provided for us friends, the photos of ALL of YiXing’s Calligraphy Engraving Art accolades which he had won:

There are other respected Artists whom we know/work with, for example, Grand Masters and Masters Mao Guo Qiang, Bao Zhi Qiang, Fan Xiao Jun, Jiang Yan Bin, Yi Dian, Zhang Ye, Dong Shi etc, in YiXing ZiSha, but they are known for the engraving Art of: Pine/ Plum Blossom/ Bamboo/ Scenery/ Animals/ Characters/ and they defer either to engraving of the Realism 写实, or the Inferred/Artistic 写意。They are not known for their inscription of Calligraphy.  WHEN IT COMES TO THE INSCRIPTION OF CALLIGRAPHY,  WANG CHAO PENG IS, THE APOGEE, NUMBER ONE.

We sat down together and HE JOINS US at RealZiSha for all of you Friends!!  He is very happy here interacting, receiving your ideas which you friends would wish to have him transform into your very own bespoke Calligraphy Engraved ZiSha Art.  You COMMISSION him!  Yes: to inscribe/engrave on any commissioned pots you wish to be crafted by our:
~ Senior Consummate Master Yuan Hui,
~ Master Artist Li Yan Ru,
~ Assoc Master Zhang Ke and,
~ Assoc Master Yang Quan Sheng 杨全胜。

So far about sixteen have been done for our patrons.  And currently Master Wang is working on a few projects for our friends.  Please collect his works.  Highly recommended, not extravagant.  Yet, TOP CLASS.  NUMERO UNO.

Email us at for commissioning.


1. A ZiSha Model Shape,

2. Choose an Artist,

3. Choose what verses/characters you want Wang Chao Peng to inscribe for you.

For example, here, one of our local patrons requested for Assoc Master Yang Quan Sheng 杨全胜 to craft a Gong Deng 宫灯 shape, and for the pot is passed to Wang Chao Peng for engraving/inscribing the verses:  .  Once the engraving is completed, Master Yang collected the pot from Wang Chao Peng so as to bring the finished work to the kiln for firing.

Wang Chao Peng 王超鹏 is born in 1961 in YiXing, DingShu Town.  His father-in-law is the famous calligrapher Han Qi Lou 韩其楼.  To repeat: Master Han Qi Lou is himself, the most famous ZiSha Art patron and collector in YiXing.  During the 70s to 80s, he led legendary Gu Jing Zhou and Jiang Rong in travelling overseas so as to introduce, educate and propagate ZiSha Art to the world.  Han Qi Lou is thus recognised as the leading, major and influential father figure in YiXing ZiSha Art fraternity.
Having such an established Calligrapher Artist and major ZiSha figure in YiXing as his father-in-law,
Master Wang Chao Peng had, since young, endeared himself to and, researched intensively, Calligraphy.   Working extremely hard to perfect both Calligraphy and ZiSha Engraving Art.

THE RESULT:  HE HAS WON EVERY YIXING ZISHA AWARDS FOR ENGRAVING ART. He is now known as the Apogee in Calligraphy Engraving.  This is through his many years of
perseverance and dedication.  He is known to be the BEST in Calligraphy Engraving regardless of Kai Shu, Zuan Shu, Xing Shu, Li Shu, etc.
Amongst all these various calligraphy styles, Wang Chao Peng is MOST famed in China for his Kai Style works 楷书刻绘。

Any ZiSha Work born with his Calligraphy Engraving, instantly becomes a timeless, transcendental and prized ZiSha Work.
At our RealZiSha close team, he now works with:
- Senior Consummate Master Yuan Hui,
- Master Lu Shun Rong,
- Master Li Yan Ru,
- Assoc Master Zhang Ke and,
- Assoc Master Yang Quan Sheng.
We recommend you to have yours, before he gets old.

These are his personal casual and candid photos he has with us:

In Chinese Calligraphy, Kai Shu (Kai style) is the most demanding.  There are five kinds of Calligraphy styles, e.g. Kai Shu, Zuan Shu, Li Shu, Cao Shu, Xing Shu.

The saying goes, if I were to hand you a page of Xing Shu to write, you can finish it in ten minutes, but if I were to hand you a page of Kai Shu to write, you may be sweating and puffing for half a day and still don't get one page out.

The Way of Kai Style is extremely demanding.   First you must have good upbringing:

Heart must be Quiet and Still with Integrity,

Body must be Straight,

Hands must be Steady,

Breathing must be Smooth with Stamina.

All these must exist together in the Master Calligrapher in order to perform and write a stanzas of words which are COHESIVE, from start to finish.
From the First character to the Last character.

HIS MOST OUTSTANDING work which he is most famous for, is:
The Heart Sutra Small Kai Style.

This is the reason why very few modern great Calligraphers major in Kai Style.  It is the most demanding. 

And, Master Wang has to work on a curved surface that is not flat on the table but slanted or even perpendicular to the table.  Onerous.  This is why Master Wang is THE ZENITH ONE.  And he is extremely humble, and his price for performing this engraving Art for our ZiSha works, is not exorbitant.

His price ranges from $800 to $1950 for most works (price proportional to the number of words you propose to have),

and $2512 for ZiSha's Fraternity Top:
Full Heart Sutra ~ Minute Kai Style Engraving wonder.
Besides the Ya Ming Si Fang that is seen for sale below in this section,
Here is the sample of another one done for our Chinese friend and patron,



Master Wang is the top Calligraphy Engraving Master and he excels in ALL FIVE TYPES OF CHINESE CALLIGRAPHY.  Below is the recent work he has done for our Chinese friend and patron, in Cao Shu,

This Grand Announcement also presents to ALL of YOU dearest RealZiSha friends and patrons, the announcement that Wang Chao Peng with Senior Consummate Master Yuan Hui, Master Li Yan Ru, Assoc Master Zhang Ke, Assoc Master Lu Shun Rong and Assoc Master Du Cheng Yao, are officially working with us only and we will be able to invite all of you friends to put in your bespoke commissioning of superb ZiSha works by your chosen Artist endowed with thr top supreme Calligraphy engraving by the BEST Calligraphy Engraving in YiXing ZiSha Fraternity: Wang Chao Peng.  We have been working together for several years in tandem and welcome all of you for the exclusive route to gaining their ZiSha Works from now on.  We already have several orders on hand anytime from our old regular friends, so feel free talk to us and we will slot your bespoke work in between as our regular China friends are very accommodating.

Again our file photo of Mr Han Qi Lou's family and friends:
Master Han Qi Lou seated in the middle of the photo, his son-in-law Calligraphy Engraving Supremo Wang Chao Peng standing second from the right, and his grandson ZiSha Master Lu Shun Rong standing fifth from the left.


We enable and empower you to enjoy this endearing ZiSha Art appreciation and ultimately satisfying procurement and ownership journey.


Wang Chao Peng 王超碰 is Art Fraternity’s ONLY Master Engraver who can engrave and inscribe Chinese Characters EACH MEASURING ONLY 1.5mm tall and 1.5mm wide ONLY AND YET STILL BE ABLE TO MANIFEST ALL THE BEAUTY, DETAILS, STRENGTH, FLOW AND DELICACY (Bi Feng 笔锋) of calligraphy.  Yes a character 1.5mm by 1.5mm.  Wang Chao Peng has also won and garnered ALL of YiXing’s Calligraphy Engraving Art accolades.

Master Wang Chao Peng - YiXing’s Famous Calligraphy Engraver, especially known for his Kai Shu (Kai Style) of calligraphy, here inscribes on all these three works that are very, very, very proudly and grandly presented to all of you. 

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