Outstanding Si Ting 思亭 of the Difficult Thin-Walled Form 特殊薄胎工艺, by Assoc Master Artist Zhang Ke 张轲 learned from his Teacher Grand Master of Ceramic Arts Chen Guo Liang 国家陶瓷大师陈国良。

Launching this Saturday on the 19th November, $936, one tenderly built and formed Creation by Assoc Master Artist Zhang Ke 张轲, who is the Disciple of Grand Master of Ceramic Arts, 陈国良 Chen Guo Liang。

Assoc Master Zhang Ke is the son of Senior Master 曹兰芳 Cao Lan Fang, and is the nephew of National Grand Master of The Arts 曹亚麟 Cao Ya Lin, Provincial Grand Master of Ceramic Arts 曹燕萍 Cao Yan Ping, and ZiSha XiangLu No.1 Premier and Prime Master 曹安祥 Cao An Xiang。

This is Zhang Ke’s amazing improvisation of the traditional Si Ting 思亭, breathtakingly-beautiful, with absolute finesse: as you look closer, and handle it, you notice that it is one of Zhang Ke’s exquisite thin-walled great works.  Many an Artist would have failed: first at improvising a traditional SiTing; second at making the form so beautiful ; third at precision: notice the continuation of the lid silhouette down to the pot’s main body seamlessly ; and, fourth at making an audacious 薄胎 BaoTai thin-walled work out of an already slender and graceful Shape that is the superb classic Si Ting!!





Zhang Ke's works have always been favoured and collected by the Discerning.

His Works are always carefully planned and executed.  He is tremendously adept at enabling many an established Shape, Model, take on a totally elevated sense of presence, being.  The beauty of the pot will always, at first sighting: seem all so comfortable and cohesive to the eye, and then, during use and along the journey, grow on you so much that you will always bring it out naturally when one yearns to experience a totally understated, Zen, yet sophisticated, rich moment. 

Our many Collectors vouch for that.  Using a Zhang Ke's pot during steeping, and serving your guests, will somehow catch the amateur, onlookers' eyes and liking so much that they will somehow want to get into the tea culture with you.


Zhang Ke welcomes you to collect this beautiful work of his.

The form of a Zhang Ke work exudes much class: it is gorgeously understated yet amazingly absorbing.  Tea Masters and Teachers, Museum Curators and Art Professors own them.


We greatly welcome you to own and engage with, Beauty and Exquisiteness.  Thank you Friends.

Certification for pot personally signed by Zhang Ke AND with your name addressed in the certificate, and video live verification for pot via Streamyard call between you the Esteemed Patron, holding your received pot, and Assoc Master Zhang Ke, will be done, for your provenance.

Dear Friends, do watch out for its launch on the space below, on the 19th November at GMT 0600hrs!  Thank you dearest Friends from Artist Zhang Ke, and for your support all along of the honest Craftsmen and the Properly Skilled, Non-DaiGong-代工, non-maizhicheng-卖职称 Artists we strictly insist here at RealZiSha.

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