Delicate 80ml, Ornate, "知竹 Zhi Zhu", 段泥 Duan Ni, wholly made by Quan Shi Qiang 权世强。

Presenting to you, a special bespoke work done by Artisan Quan Shi Qiang upon invitation, this work wholly crafted by Quan Shi Qiang:  pot, engraving, clay sculpting, calligraphy.


Title of this work is "知竹 Zhi Zhu"

A pun and play on the words:

知足 Zhi Zu : Understanding, realization of Contentment.

"竹 Zhu" is Bamboo.

"足" as in 足够, meaning Enough/Contented.

The seven Chinese character inscribed are:


The seven words mean,
幽静 Quiet Life
居住 Resides
竹石 Bamboos and Rocks
自在 Carefree
互相 Together
宜 Easily.

To reside in the midst of Bamboos and rocks, to lead a rustic, carefree way of life.

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