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3. Full CURRENT STATUS of Ben Shan Lü Ni 本山绿泥: 1)Avoiding pitfalls, 2)Huang Long Yuan 黄龙源 Situation, 3)Our Cao Family 曹家 Movement

Dear Friends, Here it is. This is the full Ben Shan Lü Ni situation.And this is how we will bring all our friends and patrons:   Superb, Authentic, high quality and affordable:- 100% Ben Shan Lü Ni 纯本山绿泥 AND,- Ming Guo Lü Ni 明国绿泥 - using likewise 100% Ben Shan Lü Ni 纯本山绿泥 with top grade Cobalt 高料钴) True 100% Pure BenShan LüNi which you friends can truly and finally own (not those 70%BSLN:30%DuanNi nor those 20%BSLN:80%DuanNi). We believe you have read the two articles: this article: ~~~Now we delve further and totally into the full landscape of Ben Shan Lü Ni.Exactly at Ground Zero. Ben Shan Lü Ni has always been limited, but the worst thing about it is that: it had...

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2. MORE UPDATES: awareness, knowledge. 1)Exodus of FHM Artisans to the JJM factories, 2) !>90%! of top L1 AND L2 Senior Masters have turned to the dark side, 3)High End Forgeries, 4)BenShan LüNi, 5)Tian Qing Ni, 6)cheating Che Yi Dao ZhuNi pots?

Situations 1. ***Almost an Exodus: MANY FULLY-HANDMAKING CRAFTSMEN had left in the past two years, to join the Jigger-machining factories because the bosses at these plants are paying them $1500-$2000 each a month.  For the sake of a) higher income, b) easy-ness of work, and c) income stability.  There is no way one would refuse the offer to join them for the above 3 reasons. You have seen in our previous post: how much income a FHMaking ZiSha Craftsman earns a month...only $1000, from the calculations we had elucidated and brought to light in the previous article. This income is not stable, they are self-employed and some months such a Craftsman may go with either A) the whole batch of hard-worked pots coming out of the...

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1. Actual ZiSha landscape at YiXing, Ground Zero: the honest but struggling, the hyped up, the myths, the misinformation, the threat from ubiquitous machined pots, the monies, the uphill fight against forgeries and imitations.

Artists, Craftsmen in YiXing, we in the know, we all know these facts.  We piece up in as brief as possible, but also comprehensively explain the TRUE landscape in the ZiSha world. Today, together we will get to understand and learn of the actual, full landscape of the ZiSha industry, explaining why 99.999% of people outside of China, who buy from any online portal/website/selling platforms, have NOT been acquiring the authentic Fully-Handmade ZiSha pots.  Well, EVEN 99.99% of local Chinese are being hoaxed into buying fake "Fully-Handmade ZiSha" pots from even reputable retailers, whether brick-and-mortar, or online.FACT FIRST:NO JIGGER-MACHINED NON-ZISHA POT is ever sold by such retailers as "JIGGER-MACHINED NON-ZISHA POT" ALL JIGGER-MACHINED NON-ZISHA POTS are SOLD, MASQUERADED and LISTED...

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