Launch Section for Assoc Master XU YAN's AND Assoc Master XU JIAN's ZiSha Works.

Dearest Friends,
Assoc Master Xu Yan and Assoc Master Xu Jian would like to thank our esteemed patrons :
1.  Mr J.M.P. Seattle, Washington, for acquiring Xu Yan's Shi Qiu,
2.  Mr. T.A. from Samorin, Slovakia, for acquiring Xu Jian's He Xiao Xu Bian,
3.  Mr J.J.L. from Ontario, Canada, for acquiring Xu Jian's He Huan,
4.  Mr P.N. from Arizona, U.S. for acquiring Xu Yan's Shang He Tao,
5.  Mr D.D. from Virginia, U.S., for acquiring Xu Jian's Bi Yu,
6.  Mr N.H. from Hong Kong, for acquiring Xu Jian's Ji Mao,
Thank you for their amazing support, and very kind and swift adoption of their ZiSha compositions within 24 hours of launches, respectively on the 25th December 2023 and 1st January 2024!!


UPDATE on 31st Jan 2024:

Assoc Master Xu Jian has crafted his beautiful new Art piece for your kind appreciation and purchase, on the 3rd February, GMT:1600hrs!

1.  崇祯 周盘 Chong Zhen Zhou Pan, $385, 141ml, Di Cao Qing Zi Ni 底槽青紫泥:


Previously Launched:
Assoc Master Xu Jian's his two Art pieces for your kind appreciation, on 1st Jan 2024, GMT:1600hrs!

1.  Ji Mao 吉卯, $406, 188.2ml, Duan Ni 段泥:

2.  Bi Yu, $430, 155.3ml, Xiao Hong Ni 小红泥:

Dearest Friends, at RealZiSha, we with our Cao Family and Great Team of Artist and Craftsmen, and thoroughly deep connections with the proper fraternity, are relentless in our efforts.  Remaining true to our mission to bring Authentic Fully-Handmade ZiSha Art and compositions to all of you friends, and CONSTANTLY striving in spite of the severely difficult conditions at Ground Zero, so as to bring to you SIMPLY, THE TOP VALUE, AT ALL PRICE POINTS, and AT ALL Artistic and Craft levels.

(As very regularly mentioned, the difficult conditions at Ground Zero at YiXing:  very few committed Craftsmen who are able to resist working for higher pay and much more stable pay offered by fake pots industry: jigger-machining and slip-casting operations.  Even Accredited Artists are going over to such operations, while many are immersed and totally indulged in utterly dishonest Dai Gong operations).

We work RELENTLESSLY DAILY, engaging with, discussing with the remaining few honest Craftsmen and Artists, explaining our mission to them, engaging and helping all like-minded Craftsmen and Artists who have the heart and dedication above money, to join us, achieving Win-Win for you and them.  Nothing more, nothing less.  Win-Win for you our dearest friends, and for them who are working & crafting quietly tirelessly 10pm to 4am with excellence in their craft.

We are extremely happy, to announce two more Artists who join us, Assoc Master Xu Yan and Assoc Master Xu Jian!  We are all really happy and joyous!
Xu Jian 徐健:

Assoc Master Xu Jian
 is born in 1991.  Working hard for you friends, he will be taking care of the Austere class of ZiSha compositions for you!  His compositions, just like Assoc Master Du Cheng Yao, are all “slow-cooked”.  He will at most come up with only 4-6 works a month.  He insists on quality.  His modus operandi, honesty and great care are which we honor.  We will not rush him, he will give of his best for all of you.  Quality above his own earnings.  Heroes, do not wear capes.  We love him!  Watch his masterful works come forth.  Four to six models a month.  Each, a piece.  Cherish them dear friends.  Admire his craftsmanship.  Enjoy the aura of ZiSha born from his heart.

Just on a candid note, Xu Yan and Xu Jian although sharing the same surname, they are not brother ~ sister, not cousins, not even distant cousins.  They have no blood relations, well maybe 1000 years ago!. 

Xu Yan 徐燕:

Assoc Master Xu Yan is born in 1986 and she is masterly in the Segmental-Corollary Class of ZiSha compositions.  Remember Craftsman Wang Shu Yun?  She has been with us at RealZiSha for the past three years and she specialises in Segmental-Corollary Class works.  As an extremely skilled Craftsman, she has wowed us, wowed you friends who have been fortunate to capture and own her works, with Craftsmanship vs Price that are remarkable!  We all miss her as she left following her husband and daughter to Beijing.  We wish her very, very well.  All the very best, Wang Shu Yun.

Not to worry as NOW we present to you, amazingly, you won’t believe:  A person who raises the bar beyond maximum!  Miss Xu Yan.  And she is a full accredited Assoc Master Artist.  This is beyond extreme.  Adroit and a genius at Segmental-Corollary class of works, Assoc Master Xu Yan will be presenting monthly to you friends, her impeccable works.  Admire closely each of them, as you will be very, very astounded.  Astonished.  And bewildered, at her high level of dexterity and quality of handwork and thought.  The astonishment comes with her heart to offer each of them to you, each a fresh piece of work, at a price we all must lay hold of!  Xu Yan's works are only ~$100 more than Wang Shu Yun (~$600-$690 vs ~$503-$595)!  AMAZING.  As an Assoc Master Artist, Xu Yan OFFERS YOU Craftsmanship vs Price ratio that is even higher, than that by Wang Shu Yun!  All thanks to Xu Yan's heart for the people, you friends, and her common wish with us in propagation of ZiSha Art to as many people as possible.  Her repertoire much wider and her skill set is much, much deeper!  Unfortunately or fortunately due to her extreme care for quality above quantity, every month she promises one to two works for you dearest friends.  Cherish each of them as she tenderly brings the successful one for you monthly.  We hope for two a month!  But we will never rush a kind general, our very own "Mu Gui Ying 穆桂英"!

Let us all journey on together with Assoc Master Xu Yan and Assoc Master Xu Jian.  Trust their heart and guile, hard work and skill, to bring forth to you friends exquisite ZiSha works.

Launched on 25th December, GMT:1600hrs are Shi Qiu, Xiao Xu Bian and He Huan.
Launched on 1st January GMT:1600hrs, are Ji Mao and Yu Bi.

Assoc Master Xu Jian is very happy to bring to you dearest friends this coming Saturday 3rd February, GMT:1600hrs, his latest New exquisite ZiSha Composition, Craft and Art: Chong Zhen Zhou Pan here in the section below.