Zenith Grade Thin-Walled 薄胎, Floating, Balanced Shui Ping 水平 pot made of Ben Shan Lü Ni 本山绿泥

The Masterful 1) Zenith Grade Thin-Walled 薄胎, 2) Floating, Balanced Shui Ping 水平 pot, made of 3) Ben Shan Lü Ni 本山绿泥, by Assoc Master Zhang Ke 张轲.

This is not to be missed and this is a rare new piece of the Ultimate Thin-Walled Shui Ping 水平 Work from L4 Assoc Master Zhang Ke.

It is, outstanding.

The first one was sold in March 2022 to a cherished collector.

This is the second rare piece, freshly minted.  A New piece, from Assoc Master Zhang Ke.  We are excited.  He is very proud (and relieved) it IS successful!

Assoc Master Zhang Ke's teacher is the Number One Specialist in Thin-Walled Construction ZiSha works: the famous National Grand Master of Ceramic Arts, 陈国良 Chen Guo Liang.

Zhang Ke's mother is Senior Master Artist Cao Lan Fang 曹兰芳, and him being the only Descendant and Flag-Bearer continuing the Famed Cao Family of Grand Masters and Masters of the ZiSha Art, and the favoured student of Grand Master Chen, on top of his Private Tutors of his uncles and aunt: National Grand Master of The Arts Cao Ya Lin 曹亚麟, National Grand Master of Ceramic Arts Cao Yan Ping 曹燕萍, and ZiSha 香炉第一人 Prime And Premier Master Cao An Xiang 曹安祥 : Zhang Ke's only way is up.

It is a grand work that combines several outstanding feats and features.

We all know that a Shui Ping 水平壶 pot, is named thus because Shui Ping translates to "Water Level", it must be balanced: the left and the right faces of the pot + spout + handle, must balance each other, so that it does not topple left nor right while floating on water.

Master Zhang Ke has not only done it on a Shui Ping pot, he achieved this feat even on a thin-walled version.  Being thin-walled, ANY mistake: difference between left and right is easily found out in the floatation test.   No mistake can be made.  Very precarious: as any small changes/indifference between left and right, will topple the pot in a second, and it sinking down.

This is a test for any Artist. 

This is an extraordinary Zhang Ke specialty,

Mastered by L4 Assoc Master Artist Zhang Ke.
Master Zhang Ke is under the direct high tutelage of National Grand Master of Ceramic Arts and also the next-in-line National Grand Master of The Arts, Chen Guo Liang.

Grand Master Chen Guo Liang 陈国良, 国家陶瓷艺术大师 is ZiSha Fraternity's Master and Authority on Thin-Walled Technique on making ZiSha pots.  He is the Number One in this arena.  He is also one of the two remaining Grand Masters and Authority for Ornate pots (with all due respect to, and, after the passing of Grand Master Jiang Rong.  We miss her).

This is not just made by L4 Assoc Master Artist Zhang Ke, this is made from rare and esteemed BenShan LüNi, which is difficult to form up and maintain in shape during crafting it up.  Again, to make matters "worse" for himself, overbearing for himself: he dedicated himself to make this balanced Shui Ping pot out using exemplary thin-walled techniques.  This is a Shui Ping Pot, made of BenShan LüNi, and floats balanced on water.  Zhang Ke greatly welcomes you to collect this hardwork of his, at $1285.  We are all thankful that this Work comes to fruition!

Each of these three aspects { 1) Thin-walled, 2) BenShan LüNi, and 3) Floating, balanced} makes it difficult for the other two aspects to be accomplished.  A tough conundrum and triumvirate of difficultites. Precious and to be treasured for life.  And beautifully NURTURABLE:  the resultant patina being Jade-like in effect.

Comes with, Video and Paper certification.  The patron will also enjoy a video certification call with Master Zhang Ke.

Master Zhang Ke will also write the name of the fortunate patron, on the certificate.


Prized acquisition, palpable and nurture-able Superb Clay, Exemplary Craftsmanship.  It will be launched on this coming 12th Dec 2022 at GMT 1530hrs.

Dearest Friends, do watch out for the space below as this solo Masterpiece will be launched here.  Thank you very, very much! 感恩。

Again, Assoc Master Zhang Ke will write your name and formally address you as the collector of his work, on the signed certificate.  And he is happy to meet you personally over the video call too!