Assoc Master Yang Quan Sheng's 杨全胜 New Di Xiang 帝乡, now with the Austere flat top lid.

Dearest Friends, Assoc Master Yang Quan Sheng's earlier exquisite Di Xiang work was launched a week ago on the 21st Jan, and it was acquired within the first day.
Assoc Master Yang thanks the patron Mr W. H. for the kindest support and adoption of his ZiSha work.
We congratulate Mr W.H. for his Astute acquisition, for the Di Xiang from Assoc Master Yang, is a truly exemplary and revered Polygonal ZiSha work, at an eye-popping price of only $790.

Assoc Master Yang had created the second and this final last piece of Di Xiang, with an austere, clean Top Lid priced even lower at $712.  The previous piece $790 was crafted with the engraving on the top surface of the lid.

Di Xiang 帝乡, 195ml, $712.
Qing Hui Duan Ni 青灰段泥, by Assoc Master Yang Quan Sheng 杨全胜.
Mixed Polygonal (Curved-Polygonal) Class ZiSha Work.

This is a superlative piece of Polygonal Work by Assoc Master Yang.
Read on and be in awe.

This is an amazing Polygonal Pot with Curves, that is deceptively simple, BUT VERY DIFFICULT!  The trials-and-errors are many, even with his years of skills and experience, he needed many days to get one perfectly right!

We are awed by its conception, its execution and its perfect stance:

So tantalisingly svelte, and austere looking:


the perfectly flat lid surface.  Several others that were rejected had warped lid tops.  This is ZiSha, the highest shrinkage ceramic material known to potters.  ZiSha, it tests your mastery of clay, your first steps of pounding the slab, the maintaining of even moisture throughout the days of working on one pot, prior to firing.


A beauty from all angles.  All angles.

Perfect neatness.

The linear alignment despite all the uncertainties that happens in the kiln:



Great proportionality, supremely poised.


The handle is one delicious sculpture itself:


Now we look at the breathtaking base that joins the six wall slabs critically.

The number of trial-and-error needed to make this pot spans sixty over sheets before he gets all of them right.  Not just that, the pot is subjected to the fortune of the kiln.  ZiSha is the highest shrinkage pottery material and with such high unpredictability, Assoc Master Yang considers a feat and his good fortune that two out of eight come out perfect.  The other six are warped/ the six points do not stand perfectly level/ the six side slabs shrink and tug unduly on one another and become deformed/cracked open at the seams and/or the flat top turns out not perfectly flat.



Quan Sheng, Gu Shi



Exquisite finishing,


Clean hexagonal lid,



The level of mastery and workmanship from Assoc Master Yang, rivalling that of Senior Masters.  This is an absolute joy to have.  A pride to own.



Look at the surfacing, interfaces, neatness:



Exemplary, beguiling, Top Class Polygonal ZiSha work.