Zhu Bing Hao 朱炳浩 ~ Yi Xing Zi Sha Number One Plum Blossoms Engraving Master 宜兴紫砂梅刻绘第一高人。

YiXing's King of Engraving of Mei Hua 梅花 "Plum Blossoms" : ZHU BING HAO 宜兴 梅王 朱炳浩(艺名:石陶):紫砂七老任淦庭的徒弟 双国大师鲍志强的师弟。

石陶的墨梅是他的代表作 也是他被誉为宜兴梅王的原因。

Shi Tao's "Inked Plum Blossom effect" is his zenith representative creation and work.   It is the prime reason for his status and fame as YiXing's "King of Plum Blossoms".

墨 in Chinese, means, Ink.

There is the Chinese phrase and depiction of a solid filling up of calligraphy words: "浓墨重笔" literally translated as "Dense Ink, Heavy Handed".

Here, thus, 墨梅 if crudely translated, would be = Inked Plum Blossom, but it actually defers to the effect of: the Plum Blossoms being engraved such that the Plum Blossoms appear Solid and Vivid in Whole.

First , we have to understand, that engraving Plum Blossoms on ZiSha pots usually entails only carving out the SILHOUETTE: the rim and outer edge of the Plum Blossoms.

However, Zhu Bing Hao pioneered and made it his own specialty in YiXing ZiSha hallowed halls of fame, by mastering and showing off engraved Plum Blossoms in a SOLID-AND-VIVIDLY-IN-WHOLE-effect.  The  is the engraving and crafting the inner fills within the silhouette, the texture.  There is also the amazing effect of layering: the lower Plum Blossoms appearing 3-dimensionally closer to you (than the upper ones).


This method of Engraving Plum Blossoms, is not replicated by any other Artists in YiXing.

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He is 78 years of age now and going into retirement soon.



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